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Angela Kinsey Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Husband And Kids

She acted in a number of other television productions concurrently with playing the part of Angela Martin in the NBC comedy, including License to Wed, Furry Vengeance, and Struck by Lightning. Learn more about Angela Kinsey net worth.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jul 18, 2023
American actress, producer, and writer Angela Kinsey is also known by her full name, Angela Faye Kinsey. She began performing when she was a teenager in the late 1990s. The next ten years saw her rise to fame once she joined the cast of The Office.
She acted in a number of other television productions concurrently with playing the part of Angela Martin in the NBC comedy, including License to Wed, Furry Vengeance, and Struck by Lightning. Learn more about Angela Kinsey net worth.

Quick Facts About Angela Kinsey

NameAngela Kinsey
Date Of BirthJun 25, 1971
Place Of BirthLafayette
Height5 ft (1.549 m)
ProfessionActor, Performer
NationalityUnited States of America
Net worth$12 Million

Early Years

On June 25, 1971, in Lafayette, Louisiana, Angela Faye Kinsey was born. Billy, a drilling engineer, and Bertie relocated their family to Jakarta, Indonesia, when Angela was two years old. They lived there for 12 years. Billie, Janet, and Tina are Kinsey's three elder sisters. Kinsey attended the Jakarta Intercultural School and is fluent in Indonesian. The family settled in Archer City, Texas after coming home.
Angela enrolled at Baylor University, where she majored in English and participated in the "Baylor in London" program as well as joining the Chi Omega sorority and taking theatrical courses. Following her graduation from Baylor University in 1993, she worked as an intern at "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" in New York City, joining future "Office" co-stars Mindy Kaling, Ellie Kemper, and John Krasinski in this position. Kinsey worked for Max Weinberg, the bandleader of "Late Night," and she has said that her time there motivated her to drive across the nation to California.

Angela Kinsey Husband

Angela Kinsey, known for her role as Angela Martin on the TV series "The Office," is married to actor Joshua Snyder. Joshua Snyder is an American actor who has appeared in various television shows and films. He has had roles in series such as "Without a Trace," "CSI: NY," and "Raising Hope." Snyder has also worked as a host and presenter for various events and shows.
Angela Kinsey and Joshua Snyder tied the knot on November 13, 2016, in an intimate wedding ceremony attended by their close family and friends. The couple has been together for several years and often shares their love and affection for each other on social media platforms.
While Joshua Snyder may not be as widely recognized as his wife, Angela Kinsey, he has been supportive of her career and has occasionally accompanied her to red carpet events and industry functions. The couple appears to have a loving and happy relationship, and they often share glimpses of their personal life with their fans through social media posts.

Angela Kinsey Kids

Angela Kinsey has one child named Isabel Ruby Lieberstein. Isabel was born on May 3, 2008. Angela had Isabel during her previous marriage to writer and producer Warren Lieberstein. Warren Lieberstein is the brother of Paul Lieberstein, who played Toby Flenderson on "The Office" and also served as a writer and producer for the show.
Angela has often shared glimpses of her life as a mother on social media, including pictures and anecdotes about her daughter. She has expressed her love and pride for Isabel, and they have been seen attending events and spending quality time together.

Career Of Angela Kinsey

Angela Kinsey on the stage
Angela Kinsey on the stage
Angela enrolled in improv workshops at The Groundlings and iO WEST after relocating to Los Angeles. She worked at 1-800-Dentist as a customer service representative and appeared in a two-woman act at iO WEST. In 1997 and 1998, she also provided the voice for two episodes of the animated series "King of the Hill." As a guest star, Kinsey appeared on "Step by Step" in 1998, "Run of the House" and "All of Us" in 2003, and "Career Suicide" in 2004.
She had an audition for the character of Pam Beesly on "The Office" before being selected as the accountant Angela Martin, which producersrejected because she was "a little too feisty for." Over the course of nine seasons, Angela made an appearance in 188 episodes. In addition to starring on the program, she also guest-starred on "Monk" (2007 and 2008), "Yo Gabba Gabba!" (2010), and the television movie "A Temporary Life" (2010). Alongside her "Office" co-star John Krasinski, she made her feature film debut in 2007's "License to Wed." The following years saw her appear in "Tripping Forward," "Furry Vengeance," and "Struck by Lightning."

Angela Kinsey Net Worth

An American actress named Angela Kinsey has a $12 million dollar net worth. She also starred in the related online series "The Office: The Accountants" (2006), "The Office: The Outburst" (2008), "The Office: The Mentor" (2010), and "The Office: The 3rd Floor" (2010). Kinsey is best known for her role as Angela Martin on the NBC comedy "The Office" (2005–2013).
In addition to the TV series "New Girl" (2013–2014), "The Hotwives of Orlando" (2014), "Haters Back Off" (2016–2017), and "Never Have I Ever" (2020), Angela has more than 60 acting credits to her name. These include the films "License to Wed" (2007), "Furry Vengeance" (2010), and "Tall Girl" as well as the movies "License to Wed" and "Furry Vengeance" In 2020, Kinsey hosted the Disney+ show "Be Our Chef," and in 2019, she and Jenna Fischer started co-hosting the "The Office" rewatch podcast "Office Ladies." She started working as a spokesperson for Clairol hair products in 2011 and made appearances in ads for Clairol Nice 'n Easy hair color.

Angela Kinsey Earnings

Furry Vengeance (2010)

When Dan Sanders takes a job overseeing the construction of a supposedly “green” housing development in the Oregon woods, he thinks his greatest challenge will be helping his urban-oriented family adjust to country life while simultaneously trying to keep his demanding boss happy. But, when the local animals learn that Dan is in charge of their habitat’s destruction, the fur flies in an all-out battle between man and nature.
Domestic Box Office$17,630,465
International Box Office$21,709,712
Worldwide Box Office $39,340,177

License To Wed (2007)

"License to Wed" is a romantic comedy film released in 2007. Directed by Ken Kwapis, the film features Angela Kinsey in a supporting role as Judith, a member of a couple attending marriage preparation classes.
The film revolves around the story of Ben Murphy (played by John Krasinski) and Sadie Jones (played by Mandy Moore), a young couple who become engaged and must go through a marriage preparation course with an eccentric minister, Reverend Frank (played by Robin Williams). The course puts their relationship to the test as they face a series of unusual and sometimes absurd challenges.
Domestic Box Office$43,799,818
International Box Office$26,387,270
Worldwide Box Office $70,187,088

Struck By Lightning (2013)

High school senior Carson Phillips was on a path to greatness, when he was suddenly killed by a bolt of lightning in his school parking lot. Carson recounts the last few weeks of his life via witty, insightful flashbacks, including a blackmail scheme targeting the popular kids concocted with his best friend and a home life that includes a mother's more interested in the bottle than her son's future and an estranged father who suddenly appears with a pregnant fiancée.
Domestic Box Office$28,378
International Box Office$27,427
Worldwide Box Office$55,805

Office Ladies Podcast

"Office Ladies," a podcast hosted by Angela and Jenna Fischer, debuted in October 2019. They have created more than 100 episodes, and the podcast has amassed a 4.8 rating after receiving around 80,000 ratings on iTunes alone. In every episode, Angela, Jenna, and sometimes other guests analyze every episode of "The Office." The program received the iHeartRadio Podcast of the Year award in 2021.

Awards And Nominations

Angela Kinsey smiling
Angela Kinsey smiling
The "The Office" online series has garnered Kinsey two Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Broadband Program - Comedy, as well as a Gold Derby Award for Ensemble of the Year in 2007 and a Future Classic Award at the 2008 TV Land Awards. The cast of "The Office" was nominated for seven Screen ActorsGuild Awards for Outstanding Ensemble in a Comedy Series and won in 2007 and 2008.
At the LA Femme International Film Festival in 2010, Angela received the New Establishment Award, and in 2008, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for "The Office" by the Online Film & Television Association. For "Office Ladies," Kinsey and Jenna Fischer have won the Discover Pods Award for Best TV and Movie's Podcast (2019) and the iHeartRadio Podcast Award for Podcast of the Year (2021), in addition to receiving nominations from the Webby Awards and Shorty Awards. "The Hotwives of Orlando" received a Best Ensemble Cast nomination at the 2015 Streamy Awards.

Interesting Facts About Angela Kinsey

  • Prior to her acting career, Kinsey worked as an office assistant and accountant.
  • Kinsey has a theater background and performed in stage productions before making her mark on television.
  • She gained widespread recognition for her role as Angela Martin on the hit TV show "The Office."
  • Kinsey received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for her work on "The Office" in 2007 and 2008.
  • Apart from acting, she has ventured into writing and producing, creating a web series called "Hardscrabble" and co-writing a book titled "The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide."
  • Kinsey actively supports charitable causes and participates in philanthropic endeavors.
  • She has made guest appearances on various TV shows, including "New Girl" and "Haters Back Off."
  • Kinsey is known for her love of cats and frequently shares pictures and stories about her feline companions on social media.
  • She has a strong online presence and engages with fans through social media platforms, providing glimpses into her personal life and career updates.

People Also Ask

What Is Angela Kinsey Best Known For?

Angela Kinsey is best known for her portrayal of Angela Martin on the TV show "The Office."

Has Angela Kinsey Received Any Awards For Her Work?

Angela Kinsey received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on "The Office" in 2007 and 2008.

Apart From Acting, What Other Ventures Has Angela Kinsey Been Involved In?

Angela Kinsey has been involved in writing and producing. She created a web series called "Hardscrabble" and co-wrote a book titled "The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide."

Does Angela Kinsey Have A Strong Online Presence?

Yes, Angela Kinsey has a strong online presence and engages with fans through social media platforms, sharing updates about her personal life and career.


In conclusion, Angela Kinsey has had a fascinating career that has spanned acting, writing, producing, and philanthropy. She gained significant recognition for her role as Angela Martin on "The Office" and received Emmy nominations for her outstanding performance. Beyond acting, Kinsey has ventured into creating her own web series and co-writing a book. She is also known for her charitable work and active engagement with fans through social media. Angela Kinsey's multifaceted talents and genuine interactions with her audience have made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.
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