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Andy Richter Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

Characters like Ben Higgenbottom from Nickelodeon's cartoon series "The Mighty B!" and Mort from the adored Madagascar movie series served as vehicles for his vocal prowess. Andy Richter has remained a revered and adored personality in the entertainment industry for the duration of his career. Andy Richter net worth and many other details are discussed in this article.

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Andy Richter, sometimes known as Paul Andrew Richter, is a well-known American personality who was born on October 28, 1966. He has had a successful and varied career in the entertainment sector, working as an actor, comedian, writer, and talk show host. Conan O'Brien and Andy have worked together frequently throughout the years.
Andy has served as Conan's sidekick on a number of talk shows, including Conan on TBS, Late Night on NBC, and The Tonight Show on NBC. Along with his collaborations with O'Brien, Andy also enthralled viewers as the star of the television series "Andy Richter Controls the Universe."
Characters like Ben Higgenbottom from Nickelodeon's cartoon series "The Mighty B!" and Mort from the adored Madagascar movie series served as vehicles for his vocal prowess. Andy Richter has remained a revered and adored personality in the entertainment industry for the duration of his career. Andy Richter net worthand many other details are discussed in this article.

Quick Facts About Andy Richter

NameAndy Richter
Date of BirthOctober 28, 1966
Source of WealthFilm, Television
Birth PlaceGrand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Marital StatusMarried (Sarah Thyre)
Full NamePaul Andrew Richter
Andy Richter net worth$10 million
EthnicityFrench, Swedish, German, English, remote Welsh
OccupationActor, Writer, Comedian, Television Personality
EducationColumbia College Chicago
Children2 (William Oscar Richter, Mercy Josephine Richter)

Early Life Of Andy Richter

On October 28, 1966, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Andy Richter then known as Paul Andrew Richter was born. His early life was significantly influenced by his family background. While his father, Laurence, taught Russian at Indiana University, his mother, Glenda, worked as a designer of kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, Andy's parents split up when he was only four years old, and his father eventually came out as gay.
Richter was born and raised in Yorkville, Illinois, together with his three siblings. He went to Yorkville High School, where he first showed signs of his humorous ability and originality. He continued his academic studies at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign after graduating from high school in 1984. He eventually made the decision to transfer to Columbia CollegeChicago, where he continued his cinema studies and stoked his enthusiasm for the craft of expressing stories via images.
Young Andy Richter had no idea that his career in the entertainment industry had only just begun. His early life's experiences and influences would establish the foundation for his eventual career as a skilled actor, comedian, writer, and talk show host.
Andy Richter And Conan O'Brien Standing Side By Side
Andy Richter And Conan O'Brien Standing Side By Side

Andy Richter’s Career

In 1988, Andy resigned from Columbia and began working as a production assistant on commercial shoots in Chicago. In 1989, he enrolled in classes at Improv Olympic and quickly rose to the position of "House Performer." When the popular show "The Real Live Brady Bunch" arrived to New York City, Richter started working with the Annoyance Theatre and requested if he could play Mike since the original actor had decided not to appear in the NYC production.
Andy met author Robert Smigel after meeting two of his co-stars, Melanie Hutsell and Beth Cahill, who were cast on "Saturday Night Live," and Smigel then engaged Andy to write for a new talk show, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien." Before the show's debut, Richter took on the role of O'Brien's sidekick. Before quitting in 2000 to pursue acting, he featured in more than 1,200 episodes.
In addition to his role as the host of "Late Night," Andy also starred in "Good Money" 1996, "The Thin Pink Line" 1998, and "Cabin Boy" 1994. He also made appearances as a guest star on "Mr. Show with Bob and David" 1995 "Upright Citizens Brigade" 1998, "LateLine" 999, and "Strangers with Candy" 2000
After making appearances in the movies "Dr. T & the Women" 2000, "Dr. Dolittle 2" 2001, "Pootie Tang" 2001, and "Scary Movie 2," Richter started producing and acting in the Fox series "Andy Richter Controls the Universe," which aired 19 episodes over two seasons. He co-starred with Will Ferrell in the 2003 movie "Elf," one of the all-time most lucrative Christmas movies with worldwide box office receipts of $223.3 million.
In the films "Madagascar" from 2005, "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" from 2008, "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" from 2012, and numerous other related TV shows and specials, he provided the voice of Mort. Will Ferrell and Richter reunited in the films "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby," "Blades of Glory," and "Semi-Pro" in 2006, 2007 and 2008, respectively. Richter appeared as a guest on "Will & Grace" (2006), "The New Adventures of Old Christine" (2006-2008), and "Monk" (2007-2008).
Richter portrayed Andy Barker P.I. in the NBC series in 2007, which also starred Tony Hale from "Arrested Development."Andy made a comeback to the late-night talk show scene in 2009 by serving as Conan O'Brien's announcer and sidekick on "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien." Conan left the program in January 2010 because NBC wanted to move "The Tonight Show" to the early morning hours and move Jay Leno back to the 11:35 p.m. time slot.
As a result, O'Brien, Richter, and other cast members went on "The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour," which was documented for the 2011 documentary "Conan O'Brien Can't Stop." The two then relocated to TBS for "Conan," which debuted in November 2010 and changed to a half-hour format in January 2019.
Despite being extremely busy due to his appearance on "Conan," Richter still found time to make cameos in several movies and television shows, including "Jon Benjamin Has a Van" 2011, "Hot in Cleveland" 2012, "Happy Endings 2013, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine 2013, "Santa Clarita Diet" 2017-2018, and "Black-ish" 2019.
In recent years, Andy has also acted as a voice actor in the animated TV series "Bob's Burgers" 2015; 2018, "The Stinky & Dirty Show" 2016-2019, "Justice League Action" 2017, and "Big Hero 6: The Series" 2017-2019, as well as hosted the 2017 ABC game show "Big Fan" and hosted the game show "Big Fan" in 2017.

Andy Richter Net Worth

Andy Richter net worth as of 2023 is $10 million. Without a doubt, his lucrative career in comedy, television, and movies has aided in his financial success.
Andy Richter
Andy Richter

Andy Richter Wife

From 1991 to 2019, Sarah Thyre Sarah Thyre and Andy initially crossed paths in 1991. Later, the two began dating, and they later wed in 1994. The couple is pleased to be the parents of a son born in 2001 and a daughter born in 2005. However, they broke up in 2019, with Andy announcing their split on his Twitter account on April 13.

Andy Richter Kids

William and Mercy are the names of his children with Sarah Thyre, whom he wed in 2004.

Some Interesting Facts About Andy Richter

  • When he was a senior in high school, he won the prom king election.
  • When he was just 4 years old, his parents divorced, and his father eventually came out as gay.
  • He gained a lot of knowledge about comedy acting and writing in the late 1980s while he was a student at Columbia College Chicago and had the opportunity to work in a number of student films and videos.
  • After a year of working as a production assistant, he began taking lessons at the Chicago-based Improv Olympic improv theater and training school, where he quickly rose to the position of house performer.
  • He contributed writing to Jonathan Brandmeier's brief reality series.
  • His theater staged The Real Live Brady Bunch in the early 1990s, which was quite successful and later performed in New York City. Andy wasn't on the show, but he was given an opportunity when Mike Brady's actor quit and the producershad no other candidates.
  • With the assistance of two of his fellow Aannoyance members who were cast in Saturday Night Live, Andy was able to enter the after-parties and meet Robert Smigel, a writer for the show, who two years later cast him on his new program The Late Night With Conan O'Brien.
  • Andy joined The Late Night With Conan O'Brien as a writer at first, but a few weeks before the show's premiere, he was given the opportunity to become the host's sidekick.
  • Robert Smigel became aware of Conan and Andy's relationship when he asked Andy to accompany Conan on stage for the lights and angle testing.
  • On May 26, 2000, he announced his departure from the Late Night Show after seven years to follow his goal of performing in motion pictures and television.
  • The comedy Andy Richter Controls The Universe gave him his big break, but the show was cancelled after only two midseason episodes.
  • In June 2009, he returned to Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien as an announcer.
  • Pyramid, an American television game show franchise, was originally going to have Andy as its host, but the network decided against it.
  • He has been on other shows in addition to the Late Night Show, including Malcolm in the Middle, Will & Grace, Monk, Arrested Development, The New Adventures of Old Christine, and many more.
  • He also participated in the renowned reality competition Jeopardy and advanced to the semifinals before having to abandon the competition to perform on Conan.
  • Additionally, he has contributed to movies like My Boss's Daughter, Scary Movie 2, Madagascar, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted, and others.
  • Andy participates in the social college fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon for male college students in the United States and supports the non-profit organization Planned Parenthood.
  • In support of the Writers Guild of America's stance against the association of talent agents, Andy participated in a delegation of writers who fired their agents in April 2019.

Andy Richter’s Other TV Shows | CONAN on TBS

Major Achievements Of Andy Richter In His Career

In addition to his position as "Pope" in the "Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus" during the 2015 New Orleans Mardi Gras parade and his voice work in the Madagascar movie series, Andy has had a varied and fruitful career. In addition, he has made a name for himself as a radio host, novelist, and announcer for late-night discussion shows.

People Also Ask

Who Played Andy Richter's Most Well-Known Role?

On several talk shows, including Late Night with Conan O'Brien, he is most well-known for his support role as Conan O'Brien's sidekick.

What Notable Works Has Andy Richter Produced?

In well-known films including "Andy Richter Controls the Universe," "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," "Semi-Pro," "Madagascar," "Scary Movie 2," and "Cabin Boy," Andy has made an appearance.

What Is Andy Richter's Height?

He is 1.85 meters (6 feet) tall.

What Information Is Available About Andy Richter?

Visit Andy's official Wikipedia page or look through dependable web resources like IMDb to learn more about him.

How Tall And How Heavy Is Andy Richter?

He is an outstanding 6 feet 1 inch (185.5 cm) in height and weighs around 98 kg (216 lbs) on average.


Andy Richter, also known as Paul Andrew Richter, has carved a remarkable and diverse path in the entertainment industry. Born on October 28, 1966, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, his early life was shaped by the experiences of his parents' divorce and his father's later revelation about his sexuality. However, these experiences did not deter him from pursuing his passions.
Throughout his career, Andy has showcased his talents as an actor, comedian, writer, and talk show host. His longstanding partnership with Conan O'Brien has been a significant highlight, with Andy serving as O'Brien's sidekick on various talk shows.
Andy Richter net worth of 10 million US dollars is a testament to Andy Richter's success and achievements in the industry. Despite personal challenges, he remains an influential figure in the entertainment world. While his marriage with Sarah Thyre came to an end in 2019, Andy continues to thrive in his career and entertain audiences through various projects. Andy Richter's enduring presence and talent have undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the entertainment landscape.
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