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American Idol Season 21 Finale - Star-Studded Finale And Performances

American Idol season 21 is almost over. There are only a few shows left before the winner is named in the American Idol Season 21 finale. American Idol season 21 started with auditions, where Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan chose which contestants should go to Hollywood.

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The American Idol season 21 is almost over. There are only a few shows left before the winner is named on American Idol Season 21 finale. American Idol season 21 started with auditions, where Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan chose which contestants should go to Hollywood.
After Hollywood Week, the Top 26 hopefuls sang for the first time for the American public at Disney's Aulani Resort & Spa in Hawaii. Allen Stone and Noah Cyrus, both singers, helped with that round.

American Idol Season 21 Finale

American Idol 2023 Top 3 Results S21E18

Season 21 of American Idol is almost over, and the winner will be announced on Sunday, May 21. On that night, there will be a big party with a lot of big names. The three-hour finale episode will be shown live from coast to coast starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.
Ryan Seacrest talked about the guest artists who will be on stage the night the winner is announced. Keith Urban will come back to the show, as was already said, to help the Top 3 champions. Between seasons 12 and 15, Urban was a judge on the talent show. He will also act himself.
In addition to this year's top 12 taking the stage one last time, producersannounced that the finale will feature a wide range of guest performers, including season two winner/runner-up Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken, as well as Ellie Goulding, Jelly Roll, Pitbull, TLC, James Blunt, Jazmine Sullivan, REO Speedwagon's Kevin Cronin, Kylie Minogue, Lainey Wilson, and Lauren Daigle.
The show has its annual Disney Night, a popular episode in which the Top 5 finalists, Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle, Colin Stough, Wé Ani, and Iam Tongi, sing famous Disney songs. At Disneyland Resort, Sofia Carson will be a mentor for the competitors. Halle Bailey, who played Ariel in The Little Mermaid, will also sing. Katy has dressed up as Snow White, Ursula the Sea Witch, Mrs. Jumbo, Tinker Bell, and Ariel, among other things, every year. One of the most anticipated parts of any season of American Idol is her pick of a Disney costume.
Danielle's versions of "You Can't Stop the Girl" from Maleficent: Mistress of Evil and "Carried Me With You" from Onward were also impressive. Country singer Stough rocked "Real Gone" from Cars and "Nobody Knows" from Pete's Dragon. Sara Bareilles stopped by to sing "When You Wish Upon a Star" with the top five, and Halle Bailey, who played Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," sang "Part of Your World."
Also, this week, the three finalists, Iam, Colin, and Megan, are going back to their home places to be treated like heroes. Clips will be shown during the show on Sunday. Also, the three will play a brand-new song that they wrote and recorded last week. The name of the song by Iam Tongi is "I'll Be Seeing You." Colin Stough's song is called "I Still Talk to Jesus" and Megan Danielle's is called "Dream Girl."
Last week, Perry and Richie had to miss the show because they were asked to perform at King Charles III's crowning. The judges showed up from London, where the newly crowned king and Queen Camilla surprised everyone with something special.
Sunday, May 21, 2023, is the last day of American Idol. In the finale, all of the top contestants who have left will come back to sing with some of their celebrity heroes. It also shows the final battle between the Top 3 finalists, which ends with the new champion being named. The last night of American Idol is one of the most exciting things on TV.


ABC showed the first new episode of American Idol season 21 finale of the popular reality competition show American Idol. It showed how the Top 5 finalists in the race did in the Disney Night round. They did their show to some of the most famous songs from Disney flicks. Some were able to wow the audience, but others didn't get enough votes to make it to the finals.
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