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The Sultry Life Of Alva Jay

Alva Jay is a rising celebrity that works as a YouTuber and a social media personality in the United States. The stunning YouTuber is well-known for her fantastic cosmetic advice and stylish designs.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jun 02, 2022
Alva Jayis a rising celebrity that works as a YouTuber and a social media personality in the United States. The stunning YouTuber is well-known for her fantastic cosmetic advice and stylish designs. She has attracted attention from people all around the world due to her amazing fashion sense and appealing appearance. She also posts hot and sizzling photos and videos of herself on her OnlyFans account which has over 1,000,000 likes.
Alva Jay was born in the United States on May 19, 1993. Because she has only recently gained prominence, there is little specific information on her parents or childhood.
The model, however, was raised in a well-established home with supporting parents.

Alva Jay Husband

Alva Jay and her husband, Ruben Hernandez, kissing at a concert
Alva Jay and her husband, Ruben Hernandez, kissing at a concert
Alva is very private about her love life, and based on her social media pages, she appears to be in love with only one man, whom she would not trade for anything.
She married Ruben Hernandez, her then-boyfriend when she was only 18 years old.
Alva was the one who first fell in love with Ruben, but she didn't want to do the first move, so she waited for Ruben to ask her out. They began dating while they were still in high school. They hit it off right away on their first date, and there hasn't been a single huge rumor about their relationship since.
Despite the fact that her partner is shy and uncomfortable in front of the camera, he has appeared in videos such as "Whisper Challenge with my Husband" and others. In addition, the duo, together with Melissa's boyfriend, actively participated in Melissa Clemente's Candy tasting videos.
Even though they have been married for almost ten years, Alva and Ruben do not have children yet - not that they have to.

Alva Jay Hobbies


Alva Jay adores movies and can't think of a better way to spend a night than lying in her jammies with her husband, eating popcorn, and watching a great movie.
She enjoys traveling, which is one of her greatest pleasures. As a romantic, her preferred trip location is Paris, France.
She enjoys shopping as much as the majority of women do, and her favorite color is black, despite the fact that she does not want to wear it.
She also loves to eat. Her favorite foods are salads and vegetable soups, and because of her modeling job, she must be careful on what she eats.
Apart from that, Alva is a great fan of working out and spends a lot of her free time at the gym. She started attending to the gym when she was 17 and fell in love with it right away — she currently works out 5/7 days a week and is only trying to maintain her present shape and weight.

Alva Jay MakeUp

My Daily Makeup Tutorial | Alva Jay

Alva's YouTube channel was started on September 5, 2011, with the description, "Hi! My name's Alva. I love creating all types of different videos, I really thank you guys for stopping by xoxo | for business inquiries Alva@westsidedigitalgroup.com."
She was only 18 when she posted a video entitled "Random Makeup." She attracted a lot of attention from make-up-loving girls. The video went viral and had over 20 million views in just a matter of days, making her a successful YouTuber in no time.
Alva Velasco is the name of her current YouTube channel. It's where she posts various videos about fashion, everyday life routines, lifestyle, exercise, and beauty advice. While this may be free for some, others who want detailed training routines and videos of Alva working out must pay for the subscription on Patreon.

Are Alva Jay’s Boobs Real?


It is not clear whether Alva's breasts have undergone plastic surgery or if she is just truly blessed. Her fans often have debates about this issue.
However, enhancing one's body is a personal choice for everyone and should not become a topic in some cheap online debate. As Alva Jay put it, "plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are a personal choice and we shouldn’t get shamed for it. Just saying."

Alva Jay Patreon Account

Alva Jay mirror selfie wearing light blue turtleneck, jacket, and black skinny jeans
Alva Jay mirror selfie wearing light blue turtleneck, jacket, and black skinny jeans
Alva makes money on Patreon, but you can't access it unless you pay one of the monthly memberships she offers:
You'll get one or two workout programs, some photographs, two life sum screenshots, and beauty advice for $15 every month.
For $25 per month, you receive three fitness plans per week, two videos of her working out, and the same items as the $15 package; for $35 per month, you get four workout plans, two to five videos of her working out, as well as some exclusive images and short videos.
You get everything described above for $50 every month, plus she promises to stop by and say hello if she's ever in your town.
And $100 per month gets you one exclusive 30-minute Skype call with her every month, during which you can talk about anything you desire.
It is unknown how many people are subscribed to her channel or how much money she makes each month because her account is private and cannot be viewed without first paying the subscription fee.


Alva Jay is a famous Instagram model and YouTube vlogger with over 300,000 subscribers and has an OnlyFans account with over 1,000,000 likes. She started all of this at such a young age, and she is now enjoying the fruit of her hard work.
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