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Alexander Volkanovski Net Worth - "The Great" Made Himself Rich

Alexander Volkanovski is the current Featherweight division champion and the UFC's #3 P4P fighter. He has made a name for himself as one of the best in his division. He is also known as "The Great." Alexander Volkanovski is the UFC featherweight champion. Here is everything you need to know about him, including his net worth, salary, and endorsements.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 12, 2022
The UFC featherweight champion is Alexander Volkanovski. But in his MMA career, he has fought in more than one weight class. Even though he got into MMA very late in his career, he has had a great run from middleweight to featherweight, so Alexander Volkanovski net worthis huge.
The prestigious UFC gold is currently held by "The Great," the fourth UFC featherweight champion ever. His net worth came from the martial arts competitions he took part in. He used to be the champion of the Australian Fighting Championship at featherweight.
At the moment, he fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the featherweight division. He is the UFC featherweight champion at the moment. He is currently in first place in this championship's men's pound-to-pound rank.

Who Is Alexander Volkanovski?

Alexander Volkanovski wearing a black hand gloves andflag of Australia behind him
Alexander Volkanovski wearing a black hand gloves andflag of Australia behind him
Born on 29 September 1988, Alexander Volkanovski as of 2022, age is 33 years old. He was born in Shell Harbour, New South Wales, and grew up there. He lives in the same place as before.
Alexander and his friends used to play football, but he started wrestling when he was young. He quit football and became a coach for Greek-Roman and freestyle wrestling. He was good at this sport from the start, and in the national championship, he won the title of National Champion Australia not once, but twice.
Alexander Volkanovski started wrestling in the Greco-Roman style when he was 12 years old. Then, though, he slowly turned his attention to rugby. He became a semi-professional rugby player, and he didn't start training in mixed martial arts until he was 22.
Volkanovski is the UFC champion at featherweight right now. In just 5 years, the Australian has made a huge difference in the promotion. He is already the number 3 pound-for-pound fighter, which is impressive since he is a featherweight.
"The Great" has never lost a fight in the UFC, and he has two wins over the unbeatable Max Holloway, which says a lot about how good his fight record is. And since he's a champion, there's no question that his net worth is high.
NameAlexander Volkanovski
Source of WealthUFC Salary, Endorsements
Endorsements Reebok, Venum, ENGAGE®, Cosori, Culture Kings, Call of Duty: Mobile, Sportsbet AU, and more.
Endorsement Earnings$500,000
Net worth$3 million

What Is Alexander Volkanovski's History And Background?

Alexander Volkanovski is a powerful wrestler who fell in love with striking. He is currently training in both disciplines. Volkanovski is continuously working on improving his whole skill set, and he does so with the support of a world-class gym in the form of City Kickboxing.
"The Great" is known for his devastating overhand right and leg kicks that may render an opponent helpless. Volkanovski, on the other hand, has a firm grasp on the feints, which serve as the primary focus of the gym. In a battle, one of the abilities that are most undervalued is the ability to analyze the tendencies of the opponent.
When the timing is right, he capitalizes and rewards his opponent for any ambiguous move they make. "The Great" uses feints to great success in order to make the read of his opponent's actions.
In addition to that, he is skilled in both offensive and defensive wrestling techniques. And even if he is knocked down, "The Great" is quite capable of getting back up on his feet in a hurry. In addition, his expertise as a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu makes it easier for him to defend himself against attempts to submit him.

Career Highlights Of Alexander Volkanovski

Alexander Volkanovski's 10-Fight Win Streak to Start UFC Career

Alexander Volkanovski beat his first five opponents in the UFC, but he lost to Chad Mendes, a veteran fighter who was making a comeback. Even though Mendes gave him trouble early on, Volkanovski turned the tables on him and knocked him out. Then he fought Jose Aldo, who was the first UFC featherweight champion.
As "The Great" beat the legend Aldo in his home country of Brazil at UFC 236, he got his first shot at the title against Max Holloway, the third featherweight champion in UFC history. At UFC 245, "The Great" beat Holloway and won the UFC featherweight title with confidence.
At UFC 251, they fought again. Many people thought "Blessed" did enough in the early rounds because Max Holloway looked strong. But the judges didn't agree and chose "The Great" as the winner. With two wins over Holloway, Volkanovski took another step toward becoming the best featherweight fighter of all time.
On September 25, 2021, at UFC 266, Alexander Volkanovski vs. Brian Ortega, he defended his title for the second time against Ortega. Alexander Volkanovski has a 10-0 record in UFC, which is very good.
Alexander Volkanovski fought and beat "The Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung in the main event of UFC 273 PPV at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.
Alexander Volkanovski only had one boxing match under his belt before he joined the UFC. The fight took place at super welterweight on April 17, 2015, at the Hurstville Entertainment Center in Australia. By a unanimous decision, "The Great" won the four-round fight.
Alexander Volkanovski has won a championship in every weight class (welterweight, lightweight, featherweight) he has fought in during his professional mixed martial arts (MMA) career. In the UFC, his fight against Chad Mendes earned him the Fight of the Night bonus. Also, when he defended his title against Brian Ortega, he won "Fight of the Night" for the second time.
Aside from that, he was 12 years old when he won a gold medal in wrestling at the Australian National Schools Wrestling Competition. Alexander Volkanovski's stats in MMA have been exceptional. In his MMA career, he has a great record of 24-1-0.

Alexander Volkanovski VS. Mizuto Hirota

Alexander Volkanovski vs Mizuto Hirota UFC Fight Night FULL FIGHT CHAMPIONS

At the Spark Arena in Auckland, New Zealand, on the 11th of June, 2017, Volkanovski competed against the Japanese boxer, Mizuto Hirota. The featherweight fight was the featured event on the main program of UFC Fight Night 110.
Throughout the course of the bout, Volkanovski was able to find multiple openings in Hirota's defense, which allowed him to hit him with powerful punches after the clinch. Hirota took a significant number of powerful hits to the head before the finish of the match.
In addition to this, Volkanovski defeated Hirota to win the match by unanimous decision. This was Hirota's first loss since 2013. He was awarded $26,500 for his performance in this match.

Alexander Volkanovski VS. Jeremy Kennedy

Alexander Volkanovski vs Jeremy Kennedy UFC 221 FULL FIGHT Champions

He came out on top in this battle, winning $36,000. On February 11, 2018, Volkanovski delivered a stunning victory for his native country by defeating Jeremy Kennedy, who was previously unbeaten.
The fight took place at Perth Arena in Perth, Western Australia, as part of the preliminary card for the UFC 221 event, which was broadcast on FS1 in the United States. Volkanovski was able to stave off Kennedy's initial assault, which consisted of a single-leg takedown, while simultaneously unleashing a barrage of powerful punches and elbows.
They were successful in putting an end to the fight in the second round via technical knockout, which was his 14th victory in a row.

Alexander Volkavonski VS. Darren Elkins

Alexander Volkanovski vs Darren Elkins UFC FULL FIGHT CHAMPIONS

Volkanovski confronted Darren Elkins after accumulating a string of victories along the way to the destination. On July 14, 2018, the event took place at UFC July 1433 in Boise, Idaho, United States. The match was shown live in the prelims, and both players displayed their damage and effects throughout this portion of the competition.
Alexander Volkanovski won $119,000 for this match alone. Volkanovski was left with a damaged rib, yet he still managed to win by unanimous decision despite his injury. Alexander said,
“I was waiting for an opportunity like this to present itself to face a ranked opponent in the U.S. I thought that it wouldn’t happen for a while and I’d have to take whatever I was offered, but then a call came through about the Elkins fight, and I couldn’t believe it. He’s ranked No. 10, a higher ranking than I thought I’d face, and he’s on a six-fight win streak with lots of momentum. Again, I’ve got a lot of respect for him, and I know he’s a bad matchup for many guys, but I don’t think the same applies to me.”

Alexander Volkanovski VS. Chad Mendes

Mendes vs. Volkanovski | Best Moments

On December 29, 2018, Volkanovski competed against a former two-time challenger for the featherweight belt of the UFC, Chad Mendes while wearing a strong MMA resume. To give an example, the competition took place at UFC 232, which got off to a rough start for Volkanovski.
Volkanovski was able to gain momentum during the course of the play despite the fact that it began on a somewhat negative note. As a result, he won the fight by way of a technical knockout in the second round, which earned him the Fight of the Night award. He also won $180,000 for this match.
After Volkanovski's victory over José Aldo on May 11, 2019, where he won $140,000 for that match. He was able to add another triumph to his list of accomplishments. He defeated the former featherweight champion with a unanimous decision to claim victory in the match.

Alexander Volkanovski VS. Max Holloway

Crowning Moment: Alexander Volkanovski Overcomes Max Holloway to Claim Featherweight Title 👑

The fight between Volkanovski and Max Holloway served as the co-main event of UFC 45, which took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on December 14, 2019. As the fight progressed, Volkanovski employed leg kicks to restrict Holloway's movement, which allowed him to take control of the fight for all three rounds.
To sum it all up, Volkanovski had done enough up until the very end of the game to warrant a victory according to the judges' decisions. The most important thing is that Volkanovski came away with the victory and the title of UFC Featherweight Champion. He received a whopping $1,173,333 for this match which made his net worth huge.
After that, Volkanovski defended his championship against Max Holloway on July 11, 2020, at UFC 251, which was held in Las Vegas. When people think back to that time, they realize that although Volkavonski won the battle, it also brought forth a raging dispute as a consequence of the outcome.
Although Volkanovski displayed a much harder performance than in the last battle, many people were unsatisfied with the outcome. Max Holloway won the first and second rounds, but Volkanovski won the final games of the match. As people delve more into the outcome, they find that the first and second rounds were won by Holloway.
Alexander Volkanovski won the match by a decision that was divided between him and his opponent and added it to his record of victories. For this rematch against Holloway, he received $390, 000. However, a large number of people, including fighters, referees, and even Dana White, CEO of the UFC, publicly challenged the decisions made by the judges.

Alexander Volkanovski Net Worth

Alexander Volkanovski Lifestyle And Net Worth

Volkanovski's impressive $3 million net worth comes from the fact that he is a champion and has been in the UFC for 5 years. He made the most money when he fought Max Holloway again at UFC 251 PPV. Volkanovski won $390,000 for his victory over "Blessed" in a split decision. Volkanovski's first UFC fight only earned him $22,500, so it's safe to say that "The Great" has come a long way since then.
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Yusuke Kasuya$22,500
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Mizuto Hirota$26,500
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Shane Young$30,500
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Jeremy Kennedy$36,000
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Darren Elkins$119,000
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Chad Mendes$180,000
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Jose Aldo$140,000
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Max Holloway$1,173,333
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Max Holloway (rematch)$390, 000
Alexander Volkanovski VS. Brian Ortega$792,000

Brand Endorsements Of Alexander Volkanovski

He also has a relationship with supplement firm CMBT, which produces a particular Volkanovski range of products such as customized shakers and t-shirts. CBD UK is a brand of CBD (Cannabidiol) that is on the rise, and Volkanovski promotes it.
Additionally, he is an ambassador for the betting brand Sports Bet. Alexander Volkanovski is a supporter of the Australian shoe brand Athletikan, which was the first of its kind. He earned a total of $500 thousand for all of the endorsements.

Interesting Facts About Alexander Volkanovski

  • Alexander Volkanovski's time playing rugby was short because he liked mixed martial arts (MMA).
  • "The Great" has only ever lost once. Alexander Volkanovski's only loss was to Corey Nelson in a welterweight fight at the Australian FC 5 event. Nelson won by TKO (head kicks or punches) Alexander Volkanovski.
  • Alexander Volkanovski, a proud dad, posted a video of him pulling out his daughter's tooth on Instagram.
  • Volkanovski's third round against "T-City" was very tough, but he still won. On UFC Fight Pass, you can watch the whole fight between Alexander Volkanovski and Brian Ortega.
  • Alexander Volkanovski's dietitian told how the featherweight champion stays in shape and loses all the fat.
  • The fight between Henry Cejudo and Alexander Volkanovski could go down in history. Cejudo has always shown that he wants to fight, but UFC President Dana White doesn't seem to be interested.
  • Alexander Volkanovski went bald because barbers weren't allowed and the champion didn't like the way his hair was growing.
  • The champion has a lot of depth, and Alexander Volkanovski's social media accounts feature a very interesting cooking show.
  • Alexander Volkanovski walks out to a violin cover of the "Game of Thrones" theme song by Jason Yang and Roger Lima.
  • Alexander Volkanovski's walkout song for UFC 266 was "Down Under" by Men at Work.

People Also Ask

Where Is The Name Volkanovski From?

Volkanovski is a Macedonian surname. Alexander Volkanovski, an Australian professional mixed martial artist who was born in 1988 and bears this surname, is one notable person with this surname.

Is Alexander Volkanovski A Macedonian?

Volkanovski was born on September 29th, 1988 in the city of Shellharbour, which is located in the Australian state of New South Wales. His mother is from Greece, while his Macedonian father was born in the village of Beranci in what was then the Republic of Macedonia and is now North Macedonia.
Greco-Roman wrestling was one of Alex's first sports, and he began his training at a young age. By the time he was 12, he had already won two national championships.

How Many Title Defenses Does Volkanovski Have?

Volkanovski has a record of 24-1, 11-0 in the UFC, including a perfect record of 10-0 as a UFC featherweight after successfully defending his title three times.


Alexander Volkanovski is a name to watch out for in the world of mixed martial arts. As of 2022, Alexander Volkanovski net worth is between $3 million. His success in martial arts tournaments was the primary contributor to the growth of his net worth. In the Australian Fighting Championship at the featherweight division, he won the title previously.
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