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Adam Calhoun Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

Has Adam Calhoun net worth ever piqued your interest? The solutions to all of your queries will be found if you continue reading this page. Adam Calhoun is a singer/rapper that performs in both country and hip-hop. He first appeared on social media in 2013.

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Has Adam Calhoun net worthever piqued your interest? The solutions to all of your queries will be found if you continue reading this page. Adam Calhoun is a singer/rapper who performs in both country and hip-hop. He first appeared on social media in 2013.
Although a variety of social media sites host his films, YouTube is where most of his songs and music videos are seen and submitted. On his social media sites, he often posts informal conversational videos in which he expresses his love of America and his beliefs.

Quick Facts About Adam Calhoun

NameAdam Calhoun
Date Of BirthSeptember 5, 1980
Place Of BirthSeattle, Washington D.C, the United States of America
ProfessionSinger, rapper and comedian(Country rap and Midwest hip hop)
Net worth$5 Million

Early Life

Dam Calhoun was born in the United States on September 5, 1980. He was raised by a single mom. After his father moved out of town, his mother reared him. Adam's first kid, a boy called Tamen with his ex-girlfriend Brandy, was born when he was 19 years old. At first, Adam struggled to get his stripes to change.
His kid was just a year old when he separated from his family. Brandy, his ex-girlfriend, assumed full custody at that point. When Adam was 26 years old, he was arrested after a heated confrontation with a police officer who was working shifts. He ultimately struck this policeman in the face, which resulted in his imprisonment.
After a few while, Adam was allowed to go home and live with his mother. His ex-girlfriend Brandy begged him to assume custody of Tamen when he was 10 years old. While he was glad to have his kid back home, he also lost his job. He then made the decision to labor nonstop in order to ultimately follow his passion and establish himself as a social media star.

Adam Calhoun Education

He did, however, complete both his collegedegree and high school diploma in Seattle. He also does some artistic work at his school. As a result, after receiving his degree from college, he found employment. He also made the decision to combine his interests with the work he was performing to provide for his family.

Music Career

Adam Calhoun singing
Adam Calhoun singing
Adam Calhoun started his career by uploading videos to YouTube and his social media sites. His films often had over 17 million views, and he was able to cultivate a devoted following via his work. Adam began his musical career in 2017 by making an appearance on the Made in America album by the country rapper Hosier. Salute the Brave, one of the album's songs, peaked at number 46 on the Hot Country Songs chart.
The full-length album American was released by Adam the next year. Following the release of his second album The Throne, Adam collaborated with Demun Jones and Upchurch to create the Cr#zy White Boy EP in February 2019. Many of Adam's independent albums after his debut have seen significant commercial success, notably his third solo album, War, which shot to the top of the Itunes streaming rankings.
Two of his appearances on the crazy White Boy tour were planned for Sacramento, California. Sacramento Pride Parade was taking place at the same time. He has worked with several different musicians, including Struggle Jennings, with whom he co-wrote the 2020 album Legend. In addition, Adam started his YouTube account on August 3, 2013, and as of right now, he has more than 1.2 million followers.

Best Known Tracks


This song sparked significant controversy due to its lyrics and messaging, addressing the topic of racism from a particular perspective.

Adam Calhoun - Racism (Official Music Video)

Die Tonight

Known for its emotional and powerful lyrics, this song touches on personal struggles and challenges.

Adam Calhoun feat Upchurch - Die Tonight (Official Music Video)


A collaboration with musician Ryan Upchurch, this track blends their styles and has been well-received by their combined fanbases.

Adam Calhoun - Crossroads (Official Music Video)

Adam Calhoun Wife

At the moment, Adam and Margie are engaged. In 2018, he married his beloved in this engagement. We can see a lot of the couple's photos on Margie's Instagram account even though Adam is not very secretive about his connection with Margie in his Instagram page.

Adam Calhoun Kids

Tamen Calhoun is the proud son of Adam Calhoun. There is still no information available from Adam on Tamen's mother. Nevertheless, Adam uploads several photos of himself with Tamen and never misses an opportunity to express how happy he is to be with her. When Tamen made the decision to enlist in the American Airborne Infantry, Adam's joy had no boundaries. With his wife Margie, he also has a daughter named Grae Millie, who was born in September 2021.

Adam Calhoun's Net Worth

The 2023 projections place Adam Calhoun's net worth at about $5 million. The well-paid musical celebrity may take sponsorships, advertise his own goods, or earn money via affiliate commissions. He makes around $10,000 per month from sponsorships and brand endorsements.

Houses & Car Collection

The American singing singer has a lavish home in Frankfort, which is close to Illinois. The musician has a Cadillac Brougham, a 2500 RAM pickup truck, a Chevrolet C/K, and a 1997 Dodge RAM pickup 3500, among other pricey vehicles.

Earnings Of Adam Calhoun

He makes a nice living thanks to his success as a musician, Facebook celebrity, and YouTuber. The key roles he has played in the entertainment business have also contributed to his success. The money that comes from YouTube is made by the YouTuber.
Additionally, Adam makes money via sponsorship deals, stage appearances, and ads. Adam, a well-known and popular figure on social media, began to upload videos to YouTube. Furthermore, he was able to expand as a rapper and performer thanks to the assistance of various platforms.
Adam makes more than $300,000 a year from collaborations on songs for albums and social media sites. Adam was given another excellent chance. In 2017, he was included in the compilation Made in America. It aided in his musical development and financial success as a rapper and vocalist.
A service called Google Preferred enables wealthy businesses to focus advertisements for the top 5% of most popular content. Here, the advertising charges are greater than usual.

Adam Calhoun Collaborations

  • Ryan Upchurch -Calhoun has collaborated with Ryan Upchurch, another musician and social media personality, on multiple songs. Their combined fanbase has appreciated their collaborations, and tracks like "Crossroads" have been well-received.
  • Demun Jones -He has collaborated with Demun Jones on songs like "Church," showcasing their shared love for country-infused rap music.
  • Katie Noel -Adam Calhoun has worked with Katie Noel on tracks like "Mississippi Mud" that blend their individual styles into a harmonious mix.
  • Jesse Howard -Collaborating on songs like "Crazy White Boy," Calhoun and Jesse Howard brought their unique perspectives to their music.
  • Upchurch the Redneck - While they have their individual careers, both Adam Calhoun and Upchurch have shared music and projects together.
  • Dakota Shain Byrd -The collaboration "Save Us" is an example of Calhoun's joint efforts with Dakota Shain Byrd, combining their musical talents.
  • Katie Nance -"What You Do" is another example of Calhoun's collaboration, highlighting his ability to work with diverse artists.

Adam Calhoun Controversies

Adam Calhoun wearing a blue t-shirt with USA
Adam Calhoun wearing a blue t-shirt with USA
Adam, the divisive character, has consistently stirred up controversy with his remarks on issues like racism, homosexuality, transgender rights, and feminism. Due to the many contentious films, Adam Calhoun has experienced controversial phases. One of Facebook's videos was removed in 2015. Adam Calhoun's Facebook account was blocked as a result of his use of harsh language.

Interesting Facts About Adam Calhoun

  • Adam Calhoun embarked on his music career, with a focus on rap and country genres.
  • He gained a significant following through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook by sharing his music and videos reflecting his conservative viewpoints.
  • Collaborating closely with musician Ryan Upchurch, the two artists produced several tracks together.
  • Patriotism is a recurring theme in Calhoun's music, often resonating with a specific segment of his audience.
  • His 2020 song "Racism" garnered both praise and criticism for its lyrics and messaging, sparking conversations about his perspective on the issue.
  • Prior to his music career, Calhoun worked as a tattoo artist, showcasing his artistic talents in a different medium.
  • His musical style is a unique blend of rap, country, and rock elements, contributing to his distinct sound.
  • Remaining independent, Adam Calhoun releases his music without major record label involvement.
  • Beyond music, he's involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, displaying his diverse interests.
  • Operating a merchandise line, Calhoun's fans can purchase clothing and accessories connected to his brand.
  • He is recognized not only for his music but also for his active role as a political commentator, addressing subjects like conservatism and gun rights.
  • Through his YouTube channel, viewers can access music videos, vlogs, discussions, and insights into his life.
  • Often addressing controversial topics, his songs have sparked discussions among supporters and critics alike.
  • Adam Calhoun's engagement with fans on social media has fostered a sense of community and connection.
  • Hailing from Montana, his music draws inspiration from rural and western themes, reflecting his upbringing in that environment.

People Also Ask

What Is Adam Calhoun Known For?

Adam Calhoun is known for his career as a musician, rapper, and social media personality. He gained popularity through his music and online presence, often addressing conservative viewpoints and patriotic themes.

How Did Adam Calhoun Get Famous?

Adam Calhoun gained fame through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where he shared his music and videos that resonated with a segment of the audience interested in his conservative messages and unique music style.

What Kind Of Music Does Adam Calhoun Make?

Adam Calhoun creates a mix of music genres, blending elements of rap, country, and rock. His songs often reflect patriotic and political themes, making his style distinct and appealing to his fanbase.

Does Adam Calhoun Have Any Controversies?

Yes, Adam Calhoun has been involved in controversies due to his outspoken political and social commentary in his music and online presence. Some of his songs, like "Racism," have sparked debates and discussions about his viewpoints.

What Are Some Notable Collaborations Adam Calhoun Has Been Part Of?

Adam Calhoun has collaborated with several artists in the music industry, including Ryan Upchurch, Demun Jones, and more. These collaborations have brought together different styles and talents in his music career.


In conclusion, Adam Calhoun is a notable figure known for his multifaceted career as a musician, rapper, and social media personality. His fame was propelled by his active presence on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, where he shared music and videos centered around conservative viewpoints and patriotic themes.
With a unique blend of rap, country, and rock genres, he has captured the attention of a dedicated fanbase. While his music has earned him both praise and controversy, his willingness to address controversial topics has contributed to his distinct identity. Overall, Adam Calhoun's journey exemplifies the power of digital platforms in shaping modern entertainment and discourse.
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