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Little Miss Sunshine Actress Abigail Breslin Marries Longtime Lover Ira Kunyansky: 'Ya Girl Got Married Y'all'

Abigail Breslin marries lover Ira Kunyansky and she has confirmed her status as a married lady. On Sunday night, the "Zombieland" actress posted on Instagram to announce that she and her new husband had tied the knot. She posted a picture of them on their wedding day.

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Feb 01, 202331 Shares551 Views
Abigail Breslin marries lover Ira Kunyanskyand she has confirmed her status as a married lady. On Sunday night, the "Zombieland" actress posted on Instagram to announce that she and her new husband had tied the knot. She posted a picture of them on their wedding day.
01.28.23❤️💍❤️ married my bestest friend. @richruski.- Abigail Breslin
Meanwhile, her new spouse posted a picture from the ceremony on Instagram.
Love my other second half ❤️ @abbienormal9.- Ira Kunyansky
Prior to that, she had posted a photo of THAT finger, complete with a beautiful engagement ring and a wedding band, with the caption "ya girl got married y'all."

Abigail Breslin Is Married!

The 26-year-old actress posted a photo from her wedding to longtime boyfriend Ira Kunyansky on Instagram late Sunday night. The actress announced her marriage on Saturday, January 28th, with a snapshot from the reception's dance floor.
A spokesperson for Breslin did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment. It was in February of 2022 when Breslin's Instagram post about her engagement with Kunyansky was published.
She posted a zoomed-in picture of her ring at the moment. Breslin wrote, "I was like, 'duh.' #engagedyall" in the description for this photo.
The actress Elle Fanning commented on Breslin's engagement news, saying, Awwwwwww congrats!!!!!!!💍." Her brother, the actor Spencer Breslin, also chimed in, "Congrats! Abs and ira!!!" Meanwhile, Kunyansky shared additional photographs of the proposal and commented, "She said YES!"

Abigail Breslin Gets Married To Her Longtime Love

Final Words

The relationship between the Oscar nominee and Kunyansky can be traced back to at least 2017, when Breslin first posted pictures of him on Instagram, affectionately dubbing him "babekin."
Breslin recently shared on Instagram that she and her new husband will be celebrating the New Year together. "In the year 2023, I rang with my beloved. 💍💍💍💍💍, " she labeled the merry photo.
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