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Hollywood Reporter 2023 Most Powerful Women That Can Run The World

In Hollywood, "star power" is more than just having the most looks at the Viper Room. The Hollywood Reporter says that these 2023 most powerful women "overdelivered" in Hollywood, "setting box office records, filling arenas, and putting Hollywood back to work" after the writers' and actors' strikes.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Dec 11, 2023
In Hollywood, "star power" is more than just having the most looks at the Viper Room. The Hollywood Reporter says that these 2023 most powerful women"overdelivered" in Hollywood, "setting box office records, filling arenas, and putting Hollywood back to work" after the writers' and actors' strikes.

Hollywood Reporter Unveils Their 2023 Most Powerful Women

Stacey Snider wearing a black coat
Stacey Snider wearing a black coat
These are the women who went above and beyond in 2023. They set box office records, filled stadiums, and put Hollywood back to work. They include the Barbie army, the most powerful executives in town, and stars who had big years like Beyoncé, Jenna Ortega, and Natasha Lyonne.
What if 2023 only had five real working months? The women in charge of the entertainment business still managed to get a year's worth of work done. These executives, performers, and powerhouses set the standard for success in the changing cultural marketplace. They did things like unleash the unstoppable force that was Barbie, go on top-grossing tours like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé, settle long-running labor disputes with two catastrophic (but productive!) strikes, or just flood screens with the last echoes of the content boom.
The Hollywood Reporter was asked to list the most powerful women in the film business in Hollywood. These are the top 40 out of 100:
  • Stacey Snider, chairman, Universal Pictures
  • Sherry Lansing, chairman and CEO, motion picture group, Paramount Pictures
  • Julia Roberts, actress, head of Shoelace Prods.
  • Gail Berman, president of entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Co.
  • Nancy Tellem, president, CBS Entertainment
  • Michele Anthony, exec. vp, Sony Music Entertainment
  • Nikki Rocco, president, Universal Pictures Distribution
  • Oprah Winfrey, chairman, Harpo Entertainment Group
  • Judy McGrath, president, MTV group
  • Carole Black, president and CEO, Lifetime Entertainment ServicesDawn Tarnofsky-Ostroff, exec. vp entertainment, Lifetime Entertainment Services
  • Dana Walden, president, Twentieth Century Fox Television
  • Hilary Rosen, president and CEO, RIAA
  • Amy Pascal, chairman, Columbia Pictures
  • Mary Parent, co-president, production, Universal Pictures
  • Polly Anthony, president, Epic Records Group
  • Laurie MacDonald, co-head, DreamWorks Pictures
  • Michelle Manning, president, production for motion picture group, Paramount Pictures
  • Nina Jacobson, president, Buena Vista Motion Picture Group
  • Terry Press, head of marketing, DreamWorks
  • Marjorie Scardino, CEO, Pearson PLC
  • Helen Hahn, co-COO, DreamWorks
  • Nancy Josephson, co-president, ICM
  • Anne Sweeney, president, ABC Cable Networks Group, Disney Channel WorldwideLaurie Younger, exec. vp and CFO, ABC Inc, exec. vp TV distribution, ABC Inc.
  • Sylvia Rhone, chairman and CEO, Elektra Entertainment Group
  • Helen Murphy, exec. vp and CFO, Warner Music Group
  • Ann Daly, head of feature animation, DreamWorks
  • Elizabeth Gabler, president, Fox 2000 Pictures
  • Sarah Timberman, president, Studios USA programming
  • Karey Burke, exec. vp primetime series development, NBC
  • Marcy Carsey, partner and exec. producer, Carsey-Werner-MandabachCaryn Mandabach, partner and exec. producer, Carsey-Werner-Mandabach
  • Mindy Herman, president and CEO, E! Networks
  • Shiela Nevins, exec. vp original programming, HBO
  • Carolyn Strauss, senior vp original programming, HBO
  • Shari Redstone, president, National Amusements; chair and CEO, CineBridge Ventures
  • Meryl Poster, co-president, production, Miramax Films
  • Susanne Daniels, CEO, yet-to-be-named Turner production company
  • Julie Weitz, exec. vp original programming, Turner Network Television
  • Janice Marinelli, president, Buena Vista TelevisionAngela Shapiro, president, ABC Daytime and Buena Vista Prods.
  • Stacey Sher, partner, Jersey Films
  • Karen Kehela, co-chairman, Imagine Films

Last Words

The Hollywood Reporter's 2023 Most Powerful Womenlist underscores the resilience and impact of women in the entertainment industry. Despite facing challenges such as strikes and a shortened working year, these influential figures, from executives to performers, exhibited unparalleled star power. From record-breaking box office performances to navigating labor tensions, these women not only filled arenas but also played a pivotal role in rejuvenating Hollywood. The annual list serves as a testament to their accomplishments, setting a high standard for success in a dynamically evolving cultural marketplace.
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