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The Woman’s Guide To Wearing Shorts In Summer 2023

When summer comes along, no matter how old you are, we all want to stay cool during the heat. That is why shorts make sense during the summer. However, although shorts are practical during the hotter months, they are only sometimes the natural go-to for many women for varying reasons.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Mar 21, 202316 Shares368 Views
When summer comes along, no matter how old you are, we all want to stay cool during the heat. That is why shorts make sense during the summer. However, although shorts are practical during the hotter months, they are only sometimes the natural go-to for many women for varying reasons.
Some feel more relaxed, opting for comfortable clothing like thesegreen cargo pants from Sanctuary.However, shorts can work for any woman regardless of size, body shape, or height. But to help you show up confidently in shorts, here is everything you need to know about wearing shorts in summer 2023:

Consider your body type

First, you must consider your body shape before investing in a pair.
Here is the thing - we all have unique body types, and the best thing you can do is discover yours. Once you do, you will find that dressing up your shorts, and any other clothing items for that matter, will be a much more pleasurable and flattering experience.
For instance, slim-fitted shorts are the way to go if you havea pear-shaped body, for example, slim-fitted shorts are the way to go. Pear-shaped bodies, also commonly referred to as A-shaped bodies, tend to have a wider lower body. As such, slim-fitted shorts help make one lookmore balancedand elongated. Put in some work to determine precisely your exact body shape before you purchase any pair of shorts.

Pay attention to the fit of the shorts

Remember to pay close attention to the fit and length when looking for shorts for your body type. You always want your shorts to follow the line of your leg without being too constricted. However, if your shorts look too broad, you could look frumpy - no one wants that.
The best way to figure out your ideal pair of shorts is to look at yourself in the mirror. Typically, your height will have the most significant impact. But regardless of how tall you are, please know that your shorts should never go past your knees. Therefore, the best length for shorts is approximately an inch above your kneecap. In addition, it is not attractive for your bottom end to hang over from your shorts or an extremely low waistline that reveals your undergarments.

The material matters

No matter the item of clothing, paying attention to its quality is crucial. For example, shorts with low-quality material can be hard to wear when scorching out. In addition, low-quality materials can be uncomfortable. Generally, recommendations state avoiding shorts made from nylon, polyester, or acrylic fabrics in the summer months.
In addition, these fabrics can easily trap bacteria and odor when worn in hot and humid conditions. Garments of these materials do not breathe easily and will trap heat, likely making you uncomfortable and hot. Instead, opt for shorts using breathable fabrics such as cotton, hemp, silk, or linen. Also, these materials are comfortable to wear in the summer.

Pick the right top

The good newsis that shorts work with just about anything from long sleeves to puffy ones. Likewise, a crisp round t-shirt works with most pairs of shorts if you are going for a casual look.
However, if you want a more innovative look, you can choose a formal shirt, depending on where you wear the shorts, the activity, and which look you desire. When dressing up your shorts, wear tops that offer a little contrast. For instance, fitted shorts work best with loose shirts and vice versa.

Use self-tanner if you can

If you feel too awkward exposing your legs, consider using a little self-tanner to avoid the blinding effect of the sun and enhance your appearance or hide some imperfections. In addition, self-tanners are an effortless way to add some contour and glow to your legs.
However, when using a self-tanner, apply a barrier between your skin and the trigger areas, such as your heels and toes, and apply gloves to prevent hand staining. Applying this layer will ensure you remain moisturized while preventing the tan from wiping off. In addition, if you want to keep the tanner off your clothes, consider investing in a fixer spray, which will help set the tan after application. Finally, have a designated outfit if you are nervous about the tanner rubbing off on good garments.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are tall, short, lean, muscular, or a little chubbier, there is a comfortable pair of shorts for everyone - you have to find them! Therefore, remember that all bodies are different, and we all have certain aspects of ourselves that we do not like. So when picking shorts, what is most important is to choose shorts that fit you well and are suitable for the occasion.
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