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What Are The Differences Between Exacta And Trifecta?

Horse racing betting has never been more popular than it is in this modern day, as the developments made through online betting have made it easier than ever to wager on some of the world’s biggest races.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
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Horse racing betting has never been more popular than it is in this modern day, as the developments made through online betting have made it easier than ever to wager on some of the world’s biggest races.
However, some of the markets can often be overwhelming for beginners, and they often are left confused about what is required in order to get returns. Two of the most potentially confusing markets are the Exacta and Trifecta markets, but you can find out more about both types of bets here.

What Is An Exacta?

An Exacta bet is straightforward enough to understand for bettors, as you must simply correctly predict the horses that will finish first and second in the correct order. This can often be one of the more challenging bets to correctly predict, as the outcome has to be exactly what you have wagered on.

What Is A Trifecta?

In truth, there isn’t a great deal of difference between an Exacta and a Trifecta, except for the latter, bettors also need to correctly predict the horse that finishes in third.
This added layer of difficulty ensures that bettors can get higher payouts, but extra research must be conducted to ensure that you have identified every possible speed angle in the race. This market is most popular when it comes to huge races such as the Kentucky Derby and Breeders’ Cup Classic.

What Are The Differences?

As previously mentioned, there are limited differences between the two markets, except for the fact that you need to correctly predict the first three to nail the Trifecta and just the first two to hit the Exacta.
Everything else about the markets is very similar, as bettors must correctly predict the finishing order to achieve returns from their selections.
You can find these and other betting terms here: https://www.twinspires.com/betting-terms
The Exacta and Trifecta markets are hugely popular with horse racing gamblers, as they are able to get big payouts from their wagers if they are successful.
However, predicting the first two or three horses home in the biggest races is no easy feat, and extensive research must be put into every runner in the field to examine the speed angles. That includes looking at the best Bayer speed figures, and also the running styles of all horses entered into the race.

Alternative Exotic Bets

The Exacta and Trifecta betting options aren’t the only examples of Exotic betsavailable to horse racing players, as they can also make a selection on the Superfecta. Here, the bettor must correctly predict the first four horses to finish in the right order.
Alternatively, bettors can look for extra insurance on their selections, and opt to box horses that they believe will definitely finish in the top two or three. You can then add multiple horses to finish behind the eventual winner, meaning that there is more chance that your selection is correct. However, boxing horses in Exacta and Trifecta bets relies a higher stake, which means that you should be extra careful with your account balance.
Exotic bets are popular for all races throughout the year, but bettors always find better value when it comes to the markets for the biggest races of the year. The Kentucky Derby is the prime example of this, as there will be excellent value in adding bigger-priced selections to play underneath the horse that you think will win the Triple Crown race.
Other races that are very popular among bettors when it comes to the Exotic markets include the Breeders’ Cup Classic, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes.
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