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Trevor Noah Introduces Adele To The Rock - Memorable Moment At The 2023 Grammys

The 2023 Grammy Awards had a standout moment when host Trevor Noah introduces Adele to "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Feb 08, 2023
The 2023 Grammy Awardshad a standout moment when host Trevor Noah introduces Adele to "The Rock"Dwayne Johnson. Noah put the spotlight on Adele, who was nominated seven times for the 2023 awards and was sitting at the Crypto.com Arena with her boyfriend Rich Paul.
Noah gave his opening monologue right after a mesmerizing performance by Bad Bunny. He used his sense of humor and kind heart to keep the energy high and the mood upbeat.

Trevor Noah Introduces Adele To The Rock

Trevor Noah started the 65th Annual Grammys on Sunday from the top of the Cryptoarena and made fun of Los Angeles.
Noah is hosting the Grammys for the third time. The show came back to Los Angeles on Sunday after being in Las Vegas last year. For this happy event after the pandemic, the venue was changed.
Instead of rows and rows of chairs in front of the stage, there were tables, which made it easier for ticket holders to dance with Bunny's colorful troupe. Kendrick Lamar says later in the show that the tables are "cute as hell."
It also gave Noah a chance to make fun of Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and Adele right in front of everyone.
This is one of the strangest thing I've found out. The person that Adele has wanted to meet, but never has is Dwayne Johnson. You've never met him.- Trevor Noah
Noah said, as Adele shook her head in agreement.
And I found out that he's a huge fan of yours. I don't have someone named Dwayne Johnson here, but I do have someone called The Rock.- Trevor Noah
Then, the 6'4" superstar The Rock, who was smiling and 6'4" tall, walked over to the shocked Adele. Adele laughed because she was so surprised and happy to meet him. "You two get acquainted. We have to keep the show moving,"Noah said as he moved on to the awards.
Adele said in a December 2021 NikkieTutorial that if she ever met the "amazing" Johnson, she would "actually cry." Adele said:
I was the biggest wrestling fan when I was younger. He sent me flowers the other day because he and his wife couldn’t make my show. Literally, I nearly fell off me chair.- Adele
Later in the show, Johnson gave Adele the award for best pop solo performance and called her his "friend." The meeting between Rock and Adele made people love and laugh on social media, and one Twitter user tried to imagine how Paul would feel about the chemistry.
The 2023 Grammys, which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, saw performances from a diverse range of artists, including Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Dua Lipa. However, it was Adele's return to the music scene and her surprising introduction from The Rock that had everyone talking.
Adele's comeback performance at the Grammys is sure to have fans even more excited for her upcoming album, and it's clear that she still has the ability to captivate and move audiences with her powerful voice and emotional lyrics.


In conclusion, the 2023 Grammy Awards were a memorable event, filled with incredible performances and special moments. One of the standout highlights of the night was when host Trevor Noah introduces Adele to "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson.
Adele's return to the music scene was highly anticipated. The momentous meeting between Adele and The Rock was a touching and hilarious addition to the night, and fans are sure to remember it for a long time to come.
Overall, the 2023 Grammy Awards were a celebration of music and the talented artists who create it, and Adele's return to the music scene was a clear indication that she is still a force to be reckoned with.
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