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Top 10 Richest Celebrities In The World

We all know that film stars, musicians, and politicians are wealthy. While most live comfortable and lavish lifestyles, some own huge fortunes.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 09, 20231.2K Shares135.4K Views
We all know that film stars, musicians, and politiciansare wealthy. While most live comfortable and lavish lifestyles, some own huge fortunes. Those people have gained their popularity both through their skills and talent in different industries and also through their massive net worth that has either been accumulated over the years of hard work or through generational wealth.
Who knows, maybe other factors have led those people to becoming extremely rich? It can be their ambitions, desires, dedication, and ability to communicate effectively. It’s also interesting to know that, according to Nuwber, dog owners are more likely to earn more than cat owners, which proves that there are many factors influencing people’s income.
Being a celebrity is not a title limited to playing a role in movies or being a music star. The list below doesn't follow any order and features celebs from different fields, including music, film, sports, and politics. This ranking keeps changing annually as their wealth is also changing.

Tom Cruise

Cruise is one of the most recognizable people in the globe for the roles he has played in most fiction and action movies. If he is playing a role in a film project, we are all prepared for some excitement because he will play the most risky stunts without any props. The risky business has not only made him $620 million but has also led him to set new records at every box office. He has been featured in popular movies such as Top Gun, Mission Impossible, and Cocktail.

Michael Jordan

With a net worth of $2.2 billion, Michael definitely enjoys the title of the greatest of all time in basketball. He is the best basketball player who not only earned a fat paycheck of $94 million from the NBA but also keeps receiving huge sums from endorsements from sports brands. Michael also owns a majority of NBA's Charlotte Hornets which rewards him with a savvy income.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

At the age of 76, Arnold has a jaw-dropping net worth of $450 million. He has been listed twice among the most influential people on the planet by Times. He mainly became famous after the release of the movie Terminator where he played an iconic role. He is a former bodybuilder, which earned him different top titles.
Arnold is also a businessman, a film producer, and an actor. In 2003, he won the governorship title in California and held his gubernatorial position until 2011.

Tyler Perry

We all know Tyler Perry for his unique filmmaking methods. Besides owning a prestigious production company, he is an actor, a voice-over artist, a creator, and a performer. Think of the most popular movies; Tyler is in them or has played a part in their production.
The long list of successful films includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Trek, and Gone Girl. He also wrote and acted in the Madea Family Funeral, which he based on his real family.
Tyler has made several appearances in Time's list and Black Music and Entertainment Walk of Fame. His $1 billion fortune can only be attributed to his great success in the entertainment industry.

George Walton Lucas

George is a 79-year-old self-made billionaire with a net worth of $4.8 billion. Apart from screenwriting and producing movies, he is an entrepreneurwho owned Star Wars as Disney's second largest single shareholder after Steve. Back in 2012, he sold Star Wars to Disney for $4 billion. He also opened the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, which he fully funded.

Kanye West

Kanye is not a stranger to controversy, which has gotten him on most people’s lips. He is a household name who has earned enough to qualify as a multimillionaire through his career as an artist. Ye has won multiple Grammy awards, including best rap and contemporary Christian music albums. Kanye also sells merchandise and owns a very successful clothes brand, Yeezy.
He has also gone on numerous tours across the world. Despite the COVID crisis, his brand had its best years yet, generating over $1.5 billion annually from 2019, placing Ye on the billionaires list.

Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey is an American TV presenter, actor, and producer. She has, however, gained most of her fortune from her OWN Television Network. The 69-year-old also owns a satellite radio channel that produces Broadway shows and raises about $225 million yearly. Her interview with the former royalties Harry and Megan Markle earned her an additional $7 million and an audience base of 17 million.

George Clooney

George is a 62-year-old film and television actor who paved his way into Hollywood fame. He is popular for his roles in classic films such as Oceans Eleven and Up in the Air. His $500 million fortune has been earned through different acting projects and co-founding Casamigos, a popular American tequila company.

Dwayne Johnson

Johnson, aka The Rock, has been through it all, you name it: wrestling, production, voice acting, playing football, fitness, and making bold investments. However, it is his exceptional performance as an actor on the big screens that earned him most of his $800 million fortune. Throughout his acting career, he has played roles in famous movies, including Fast & Furious, Moana, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and The Mummy.

Shah Rukh Khan

Everyone who has heard of Shah knows that he is the King of Bollywood for his key roles in more than 80 Bollywood movies. Shah is also an actor, producer, writer, and TV personality. The 57-year-old is most famous for the Bollywood movies My Name is Khan and Brahmāstra.
Shah is worth a staggering $730 million. Apart from the title "the richest actor in India," Shah has also earned several accolades, such as the 14 Filmfare awards and the Legion of Honour award.


Whether you have laughed along to their films, sung along to their songs, or been under their spell on the pitch, these celebritieshave been part of our lives for a long time. Whether we love or hate them, they have formed a part of the entertainment industry, with their presence making it more colorful. While we may not hand them a fat paycheck in return, we can only celebrate them as we keep watching them live lavish lifestyles and hope that they keep entertaining us in their long-running careers.
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