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SkyCity Entertainment Group Adds Bingo To Online Services

When any company has the means and capability to expand into such a saturated market, it's a clear sign that their service is of a premium quality. Bingo falls into an unusual category, as it is one type of casino game that uses a foundation of camaraderie and a sense of community to bring people in.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Oct 13, 2023
When any company has the means and capability to expand into such a saturated market, it's a clear sign that their service is of a premium quality. Bingo falls into an unusual category, as it is one type of casino game that uses a foundation of camaraderie and a sense of community to bring people in. While casino gaming is a social event, the ability for games like roulette and slot machine gaming to move online was seamless.
In many ways, the games are better designed for a mobile phone. However, when reputable providers such as SkyCity introduces bingoto their vast selection of games on offer, you know that there are modelsof online casino gaming that can still find a core, niche area of the global market and deliver for those people who prefer to play casino games online.

The Success Of Online Bingo

Establishing a presence in online gamblingis a challenge, especially given the amount of money at stake. However, as one of the top casino games providers in Oceania and home to the biggest casino in New Zealand, SkyCity ticked that box a long time ago. Now, the focus is to continually establish new ways of bolstering their market share, and adding bingo to their online service is an excellent way for them to continually move forward and strive to expand into fresh gamblingterritory.
The success of online bingo has followed a similar blueprint to the success of other casino games such as poker and blackjack. While there may have been some initial concern that the industry wouldn't be able to adapt and transition into a 21st-century way of gambling, bingo – much like any other aspect of gambling – has been able to hit the ground running. Some of the most impressive new ways to play are through the array of bingo games on offer online.
Following a resurgencein unique and quirky angles to physical bingo, including dancing, DJs and crazy prizes, the taste for bingo has kickstarted again among a younger set of players. As this frenzy moves into online gaming, casino companies have spent much more time and resources developing these games to appeal to a broad range of players. SkyCity is in a unique position to provide an excellent combined package of land-based and digital bingo, and the recent online move caused hysteria for casino gamersdown under and further afield.
In the age of celebrity popularity, having one or two big names come out and endorse a casino game is something casino companies and game developers welcome with open arms. One of the most notable celebritieswho love to play bingo is Sharon Osbourne, the wife of legendary rock vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. For years, Sharon has proclaimed her love for the classic game. She's not alone in a list of celebrity endorsements for one of the oldest and most traditional gambling games. While there might not be a direct correlation with SkyCity, this organic indirect advertising helps propel the bingo sector to greater heights.

Growing Popularity

One aspect of online bingo gaming that has surprised everybody, including game designers, casino companies and bingo players, is that the game's appeal has now stretched to a younger generation. Now that SkyCity has entered the equation with an established and reputable brand, this momentum will continue in Oceania. SkyCity’s high-quality service is developing more of a following with gamblers on other continents too.


Given the amount of money it takes to add a new genre to a casino site, any decision to add an entirely new layer of gaming to an already burgeoning service is something that SkyCity wouldn't have taken lightly. Developing a new range of games and opening up a separate part of your operations dedicated to a new game takes time. It also costs a significant amount to contract designers and app developers to implement a new game on the site. Given the amount of money flowing into the sector, it is a gamble that SkyCity has deemed necessary and one they're hoping will pay off.
This shows that there are bigger plans ahead, so don't rule out the possibility of even more games being added to this growing online casino service. With more and more gambling customers able to place their bets online, the industry continues to flourish. Every conceivable metric points in the direction that bingo still has room to grow throughout the rest of this decade as increasing numbers of customers switch from land-based bingo to a seamless, smoother digital version.
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