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Plies Net Worth In 2022, Birthday, Age, Height, Girlfriend And Kids

How much is plies worth? After graduation, he stepped into his career with his brother-in-law's help, and he founded BIG GATES records.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
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This personality is considered one of the best artists to be qualified. He is the founder of BIG GATES records. In 2007, he started his career by featuring the album 'The Real Testament' in his debut. It comes with singles called 'Shawty' and 'Hypnotized.' He then releases DA REAList, Definition of Real, and Goon Affiliated.
As of 2022, Piles net worthis estimated at $16 million. Most of his fortune came from the sources such as music video and Television, Royalty, Albums, etc. Plies was born with a birth name called 'Algernod Lanier Washington' in Fort Myers, Florida. He didn't grow up in his birthplace. He is 1.65m tall and weighs 64kgs. He was 44 years old. He belongs to the Christian community. His nationality is American.

Plies Early Life

He has then attended Miami University under the name Nod Washington. He was a wide receiver in the collegefootball team from 1995 to 1997.

Plies Music Career

After graduation, he stepped into his career with his brother-in-law's help, and he founded BIG GATES records. Plies released several mixtapes after signing to Slip-n-Slide. There is no doubt that it was the incredible pace of prize for his career, making him rich. He was one of the best rapperswho stood upfront about quitting his job.
Also, he found a new way to manipulate and display his music. It seems to have been noticed earlier in his career that access to music has changed rapidly. Downloads are more popular now, while selling the real physical album becomes obsolete. He released his first mixtape, You Need People Like Me, in 2010. Since then, he started focusing on mixtapes by becoming an established performance artist.

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Plies Girlfriends

Plies had a girlfriend named Brandy Lacole Lyons, with whom he gave birth to his only son in the year 2003. The relationship did not last for many years.

Plies Kids

Piles has a 14-year-old son named Nijier Lanier Washington.

Plies Parents

He was born to Larry Washington and Karla Washington.

Plies Siblings

He has a stepbrother named RonnellLawrenceLavatte.

Plies Discography

In 2007, his first album 'The Real Testament ' was released. In 2008, his second album called 'Definition of Real' was released right after 10 months of his first album release. It comes with a single called 'Bust it Baby Pt.2', certified as gold by RIAA. Then, he released DA REAList in the year 2008. It comes with the first single called 'Put It On Ya.'
On June 8, 2010, the fourth album, "Goon Affiliated, " was released and regarded as successful. Other videos also expanded a bit and have been very successful. Since then, he has discovered many cool things condemned in the later years despite being the most popular releases. He was famous for his 2016 renewed song "Ritz Carlton" with a single entitled ' Ran off on da Plug Twice.' He also released "Racks Up to My Ear," featuring Young Dolph. It becomes his fifth studio album of 2017 rhymes.

Plies Awards And Nominations

In 2008, 'Bust it Baby Pt.2' has been nominated for 'Ringtone of the year,' 'People's Champ Award' and ' Best Collaboration 'of hip-hop awards. 'Shawty' won the Best Rap/R&B Collaboration in 2007, Ozone Awards.
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