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Beyoncé Is Asked By Monica Lewinsky To Take Her Name Out Of The Lyrics Of "Partition"

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 03, 202290 Shares1.2K Views
A versatile activist, Monica Lewinsky was a White House intern in the middle of the 1990s.
Due to an album problem, Monica Lewinsky and Beyoncé have recently been in the newstogether.
Monica Lewinsky asks Beyonce to remove her name from "Partition" lyrics.
Monica Lewinsky requested Beyoncé delete an insulting term from a 2013 song that unflatteringly name drops her after Beyoncé said she would do the same for her Renaissance album.

Request From Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky Wearing A Black Dress
Monica Lewinsky Wearing A Black Dress
The 49-year-old proposed that Beyoncé go farther and remove her name from her smash song "Partition" after the singer decided to exclude a word from her most recent album due to ableist issues.
She referred to the 2013 song from Beyoncé's album, "Partition," in a tweet on August 1 by saying, "uhmm, since we're at it... #Partition," recalling a man who "Monica Lewinsky'd all on my gown."
The explicit lyrics make allusion to the notorious relationship between President Bill Clinton and an underage Lewinski, which resulted in the latter's well-known denial and impeachment in 1998.
Lewinski, whose Twitter account describes her as a "rap music muse," has already addressed the unwanted named drop.
She did praise Beyoncé for having her in the song in an essay she penned for Vanity Fair in 2014, although she did make one error.
"Eminem raps about me, Beyoncé mentions me in her most recent song, and Miley Cyrus makes allusions to me in her twerking performance.
I appreciate that, Beyoncé, but I believe you meant to say "Bill Clinton'd all over my gown," not "Monica Lewinsky'd."
Lewinski stated that she was never cool with the phrase when a Twitter user questioned why she appeared to have changed her mind.
She said that she previously handled the incident with humor because "learning to joke about things which wounded or embarrassed me is how I survived."
Beyoncé's usage of the term "spaz" on the tune "Heated" from Renaissance Renaissance, her first solo studio album since 2016, got her into trouble before Lewinski's request.
The Grammy winner was swiftly criticized for the "usage of ableist rhetoric" in an opinion article published in The Guardian.
The lyrics will be modified, Beyoncé's team revealed to E! News on August 1: "The phrase, not used purposefully in a bad way, will be replaced."

The Renaissance Song "Heated" Was Changed By Beyoncé To Remove The Word "spaz"

Beyonce On Stage
Beyonce On Stage
In a 2013 song, Beyoncé removed her name. While we're at it, I suppose... In response to news stories about Beyoncé eliminating the word "spaz" from the Renaissance song "Heated," the former White House staffer tweeted "#Partition."
Lewinsky's tweet made reference to a phrase from Beyoncé's album song from 2013, "Monica Lewinsky'd all over my gown," which was a reference to President Bill Clinton's controversy involving a then-21-year-old Lewinsky and resulted in Clinton's impeachment in 1998.
An inquiry for comment was turned down by Beyoncé's agent. After Monica Lewinsky made a statement on social media, others quickly replied to her post, pointing out that her Twitter description described her as a "rap song muse."
A screenshot from Lewinsky's 2014 Vanity Fair piece, in which she commended Beyoncé for including her in the song but suggested changing the lyrics, was also posted by another user.

Monica Lewinsky Asks Beyoncé to Change ‘Partition’ Lyric


Lewinsky explained that she originally used the metaphor to "find comedy in painful/humiliating circumstances," and that she had not directly contacted Beyoncé's team to ask that the song be changed.
Beginning in April 2014, Beyoncé's "Partition" was made available as a single. If Queen Bey enters the studio to record some new vocals for that old classic, only time will tell.
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