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Leonardo DiCaprio Ex-Girlfriend - Kristen Zhang Responds To "Ageist" Remarks

Kristen Zang, who dated Leonardo DiCaprio for four years in the mid-1990s, is speaking out against the "ageist" headlines about his recent breakup with Camila Morrone. The ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio is speaking out about his recent breakup with Camila Morrone.

Author:Alex Mercer
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Sep 08, 202244 Shares870 Views
As rumors spread about Leonardo DiCaprio's love life, one of Leonardo DiCaprio ex-girlfriends talked about what it's like to date a famous person. From 1995 to 1999, Kristen Zang, 48, dated Leonardo DiCaprio, 47, who used to be an actress and model. Now that they are married and living quietly in Oregon, Zang has never talked about their relationship in public.
But after seeing what she calls "ageist" headlines and online comments about Leonardo DiCaprio's recent breakup with longtime girlfriend Camila Morrone, 25, Zang felt compelled to share her point of view with PEOPLE.

Leonardo DiCaprio Ex-Girlfriend Responds To "Ageist" Remarks

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Zhang Holding hands in red carpet
Leonardo DiCaprio and Kristen Zhang Holding hands in red carpet
The former model said she felt like she had to talk about the "ageist" headlines and comments about DiCaprio and Morrone's breakup. Zang wrote,
"I'm a very private person, much like my ex-boyfriend. "But this past week, for the first time, I have felt compelled to share a few things. Leo and I dated for four years. I met him casually through friends when I was 19 years old and we started dating when we were both 21."
She went on,
"I visited Leo for long periods of time on various sets in different countries. I loved his friends and he loved mine. We were like one big happy family. Leo was a very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend. We also had some hard times like all couples do, and broke up for a bit in 1997 and then got back together. Then, about 4 months after my 25th birthday (ha, I know what you're thinking) it was over for good."
The woman who used to date DiCaprio went on to say that she ended the relationship because she felt like she had outgrown him and wanted to find herself. Zang said,
"Now over 20 years later when I read the headlines and online comments with his most recent ex-girlfriend being referred to as having 'aged out' or being 'too old for Leo at 25,' puh-lease (insert dramatic eye roll). I think we can and should do better. What kind of message is this sending to young people?"
"Back when I was a young model, we were told that our careers would be over at 21. I'm happy to see things are slowly changing for people in that industry now but in the '90s that wasn't the case," she continued. "Looking back, at 21 or 25 I had no clue who I was or what I wanted. It wasn't until about 30 that I found my true passion, dog nutrition of all things, and I started my own company when I was 33."
Zang and her husband, Shea, and their rescue dog now live in Oregon. But she wants young girls to know that age doesn't mean anything.
"I met the love of my life when I was 38 and got married when I was 40," she explained. "So you youngins out there, listen up. Life gets so much better after 25. Yes, you get more wrinkles but you also get more confidence and more love for yourself. Turns out, I was barely scratching the surface of life at 25."
As for what Zang thinks about DiCaprio's latest breakup, she says that no matter why he broke up with Morrone, people need to stop talking about her age online. She said,
"Maybe she really cared about him but was just ready for the next chapter. Maybe it's temporary. Maybe it's none of our business. But can we stop making ageist headlines and comments?"
But the DiCaprio memes are one thing Zang is not mad about,
"Let's keep the funny memes coming, they're stellar. Truly."
They broke up in August after being together for more than four years. At the time, a source told E! Newsthat the couple had been traveling a lot, which made them "reevaluate their relationship" and decide that it had "run its course."


Even though we live in an uncertain time, everyone loves a good meme. So, even though Kristen Zang seems to want people to be nicer to her famous ex-boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, she also seems to enjoy some of the online content about him.
It's no secret that he doesn't want to settle down and have kids (which is his choice), but it's probably easier to date younger women who are fun and don't care about getting married and having kids. This is Leonardo DiCaprio ex girlfriend's response to ageist comments.
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