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Kenya Barris Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

Producer, director, writer, and actor for both cinema and television Kenya Barris net worth is $75 million. His most famous work is the ABC comedy "Black-ish," which debuted in 2014 and eventually gave rise to the spinoff programs "grown-ish" and "mixed-ish." With his own Netflix comedy, "#blackAF," Barris made his acting debut in 2020. He has also co-written movies including "Girls Trip" and "Coming 2 America."

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Producer, director, writer, and actor for both cinema and television Kenya Barris networthis $75 million. His most famous work is the ABC comedy "Black-ish," which debuted in 2014 and eventually gave rise to the spinoff programs "grown-ish" and "mixed-ish." With his own Netflix comedy, "#blackAF," Barris made his acting debut in 2020. He has also co-written movies including "Girls Trip" and "Coming 2 America."

Quick Facts About Kenya Barris

NameKenya Barris
Date Of BirthAug 9, 1974
Place Of BirthInglewood, California, U.S.
ProfessionFilm and television writer
Net Worth$75 Million

Early Life

As the second of five children, Kenya Barris was born on August 9, 1974 in Inglewood, California. He received his name as a result of his father's trip to the country. Barris' parents separated when he was five years old. He attended Clark Atlanta University, the first historically black collegein the South, for his further education.

Career Of Kenya Barris

Kenya Barris wearing pearls around his neck
Kenya Barris wearing pearls around his neck

Television Career

In 2000, Barris made his television debut as a writer for the UPN comedy "Girlfriends." Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Jill Marie Jones, and Reggie Hayes were among the stars of the eight-season drama that ended in 2008. Barris collaborated with model Tyra Banks to co-create and produce the reality television competition series "America's Next Top Model" in 2003 while he was still working as a writer for the program.
Through 2018, 24 "cycles," or seasons, of the well-liked program were shown. Barris worked as a writer for the Showtime drama series "Soul Food" from 2002 to 2004 in addition to his other early television endeavors. The Joseph family, a Black family residing in Chicago, Illinois, was the subject of the program. Following this, from 2004 to 2005, Barris worked as a writer on the CBS comedy "Listen Up!," which starred Jason Alexander as a sports talk host partly modeled on Tony Kornheiser.
In 2006, Barris started contributing to the scripts for "The Game," a prequel to his previous show "Girlfriends." He stayed on the program until 2014. Barris also contributed scripts to the TBS comedy "Are We There Yet?," which was based on the same-named movie, during this period.
Terry Crews, Essence Atkins, Coy Stewart, Teala Dunn, and Christian Finnegan all featured in the program. For the short-lived Fox comedy "I Hate My Teenage Daughter," starring Jaime Pressly and Katie Finneran, Barris contributed writing from 2012 to 2013. Barris worked as an executive producer on the Netflix series "Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show" in 2019, in addition to his previous television work.
The year after that, he produced his own comedy on the streaming platform called "#blackAF." Barris made his acting debut in the role of a fictionalized version of himself on the program. In addition to others, he shared the stage with Rashida Jones, Iran Benson, Genneya Walton, Justin Claiborne, and Scarlet Spencer. After only one season, "#blackAF" was ultimately cancelled. Over the years, Barris has stayed with Netflix and executive produces its animated shows "We the People" and "Entergalactic."

Film Career

As a co-writer of the 2016 comedy sequel "Barbershop: The Next Cut," Barris made his debut in the world of feature filmmaking. In order to create the 2017 successful rom-com "Girls Trip," starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish, he once again joined up with Tracy Oliver, his co-writer from that movie. Barris then produced the fantasy comedy "Little" in 2019 and co-wrote the follow-up action comedy "Shaft" with Alex Barnow.
He later co-wrote "The Witches," a 2020 fantasy comedy based on the titular Roald Dahl book and starring Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, Octavia Spencer, and Chris Rock, with Robert Zemeckis and Guillermo del Toro. Barris collaborated on the writing of the 2021 comedy "Coming 2 America," a follow-up to the 1988 film, with David Sheffield and Barry W. Blaustein. Eddie Murphy plays Prince Akeem Joffer in the movie again, while Arsenio Hall is back to portray Semmi.
Barris co-wrote the 2022 Disney version of "Cheaper by the Dozen" with Jenifer Rice-Genzuk Henry, among his other cinematic credits. He co-wrote the Netflix film "You People," which he directed for the first time in the same year, alongside actor Jonah Hill. Hill is a member of the film's ensemble cast, which also includes Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mike Epps, Rhea Perlman, Deon Cole, and Bryan Greenberg.

Kenya Barris Wife

Kenya Barris wed Dr. Rainbow Edwards-Barris on December 3, 1999. She requested a divorce in 2014, but the pair reunited and she withdrew the petition in 2015. Kenya filed for divorce in 2019. He canceled his divorce from his wife in May 2020, according to The Blast. Kenya re-filed for divorce in 2022. He used the excuse of "irreconcilable differences".

Kenya Barris Kids

Kenya Barris has six children with his wife, Dr. Rainbow Edwards-Barris. Here are the names of their children:
  • Kaleigh Barris
  • Lola Barris
  • Beau Barris
  • Leyah Barris
  • Kass Barris
  • Brooklyn Barris
Kenya Barris has been open about his experiences as a parent and has drawn inspiration from his family life for some of his creative work, including themes explored in the television series "Black-ish."

Kenya Barris Net Worth

Kenya Barris wearing a black jacket
Kenya Barris wearing a black jacket
Kenya Barris's net worth was estimated to be around $75 million. His net worth is primarily attributed to his successful career as a television writer, producer, and creator. Barris has been involved in various hit TV shows, including "Black-ish," "Grown-ish," and "Mixed-ish," which have garnered critical acclaim and commercial success. Additionally, his multi-year deal with Netflix, reportedly valued at over $100 million, has further contributed to his overall net worth.

Real Estate

In Encino, California, Kenya Barris spent $7.6 million in July 2019 for a magnificent property. Kenya spent $4.6 million buying a house in Studio City, California, in May 2020.

Kenya Barris Awards

Kenya Barris, the talented television writer, producer, and creator, has been recognized for his exceptional work in the entertainment industry. With numerous accolades and nominations to his name, Barris has left an indelible mark on television with his unique storytelling style.
One of the most prestigious honors in the industry, the Primetime Emmy Awards, has repeatedly acknowledged Barris's contributions. "Black-ish," the hit family sitcom he created, received multiple nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. These nominations underscore the show's impact and critical acclaim.
Additionally, the NAACP Image Awards have celebrated Kenya Barris's achievements. He has won numerous times in the category of Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series for "Black-ish," reflecting the show's ability to blend humor with thoughtful social commentary. Moreover, "Black-ish" has received recognition in the category of Outstanding Comedy Series, demonstrating its resonance with diverse audiences.
The Peabody Awards, which honor excellence in storytelling, also recognized Barris's work on "Black-ish." The show's thought-provoking portrayal of family life and its exploration of important social issues earned it a Peabody Award, highlighting its relevance and impact.
The Writers Guild of America Awards have acknowledged Kenya Barris's talent with a nomination for Best New Series for "Black-ish." This recognition speaks to his ability to craft engaging and meaningful stories that resonate with viewers.
Kenya Barris's ability to combine humor and social commentary has earned him praise from critics and audiences alike. Through "Black-ish" and his other projects, he has demonstrated a commitment to representing diverse voices and tackling relevant and thought-provoking subjects.
As an influential figure in the television industry, Kenya Barris's contributions continue to shape the landscape of entertainment. His achievements in storytelling have garnered him widespread acclaim, and his work serves as an inspiration to aspiring creators and a testament to the power of authentic storytelling.

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Interesting Facts About Kenya Barris

  • He attended Clark Atlanta University, where he studied television and film production.
  • Barris worked as a writer on several projects before gaining significant recognition in the television industry.
  • He co-created the hit sitcom "The Game" in 2006, which followed the lives of professional football playersand their partners.
  • Barris is best known for creating the critically acclaimed family sitcom "Black-ish," which premiered on ABC in 2014.
  • "Black-ish" received widespread praise for its humor and insightful exploration of social and cultural issues.
  • The success of "Black-ish" led to several spin-offs, including "Grown-ish," focused on the college experiences of the eldest daughter, and "Mixed-ish," a prequel series exploring the family's origin.
  • In addition to television, Kenya Barris ventured into film production and co-wrote the script for the successful comedy film "Girls Trip" (2017).
  • He has been an advocate for increased representation and diversity in the entertainment industry.
  • Barris's experiences as a biracial individual have influenced some aspects of his work, including themes explored in "Black-ish."
  • In 2018, Barris signed a multi-year deal with Netflix, giving him the opportunity to create and produce exclusive content for the streaming platform.
  • He has received multiple award nominations for his work, including Primetime Emmy nominations for "Black-ish."
  • Barris's storytelling often combines humor and poignant social commentary, resonating with audiences from diverse backgrounds.
  • Beyond his creative work, Kenya Barris is involved in philanthropy and charitable efforts.
  • He is considered one of the most prominent and influential content creators in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on television and inspiring a new generation of creators.

People Also Ask

What Is Kenya Barris Best Known For?

Kenya Barris is best known for creating the critically acclaimed family sitcom "Black-ish," which premiered on ABC in 2014.

Which Successful Film Did Kenya Barris Co-write?

Kenya Barris co-wrote the script for the successful comedy film "Girls Trip" (2017), starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish.

What Was The Significant Milestone In Kenya Barris's Career Before "Black-ish"?

Before "Black-ish," Kenya Barris co-created the hit sitcom "The Game" in 2006, which followed the lives of professional football players and their partners.

In 2018, Kenya Barris Signed A Multi-year Deal With Which Streaming Platform?

In 2018, Kenya Barris signed a multi-year deal with Netflix, which allowed him to create and produce exclusive content for the streaming platform.

Final Words

In conclusion, Kenya Barris is a talented and influential figure in the entertainment industry. Through his creative work, including the critically acclaimed sitcom "Black-ish" and its spin-offs, he has brought humor, insight, and important social commentary to television screens worldwide. Barris's ability to tackle relevant issues with wit and authenticity has resonated with audiences, making him a prominent and celebrated content creator.
Beyond his creative achievements, Kenya Barris's advocacy for increased diversity and representation in the entertainment industry reflects his commitment to positive change. His contributions have inspired a new generation of creators and highlighted the importance of telling authentic stories that reflect the rich diversity of human experiences.
As he continues to make an impact with his storytelling and philanthropic endeavors, Kenya Barris remains a role model and source of inspiration for aspiring creators and audiences alike. His journey serves as a reminder that passion, perseverance, and a genuine desire to make a difference can lead to extraordinary accomplishments.
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