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Janelle Monae Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Boyfriend And Height

American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Janelle Monae net worth is $12 million dollar. In 2003, Monae released her first independent album, "The Audition," and three years later, she landed a deal with Bad Boy Records. Janelle received a Grammy nomination for her EP "Metropolis Suite I: The Chase," which she published in 2007.

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American R&B and soul singer, songwriter, producer, and actor Janelle Monae networthis $12 million dollar. In 2003, Monae released her first independent album, "The Audition," and three years later, she landed a deal with Bad Boy Records. Janelle received a Grammy nomination for her EP "Metropolis Suite I: The Chase," which she published in 2007.
The studio albums "The ArchAndroid" (2010), "The Electric Lady" (2013), and "Dirty Computer" (2018) were subsequently released by Monáe. In addition to lending her voice to "Rio 2" (2014), "UglyDolls" (2019), and "Lady and the Tramp" (2019), Janelle has acted in the movies "Moonlight" (2016), "Hidden Figures" (2016), "Welcome to Marwen" (2018), "Harriet" (2019), "The Glorias" (2020), and "Antebellum" (2020) as an actor. She joined the "Homecoming" cast of the Prime Video series in 2020.

Quick Facts About Janelle Monae

NameJanelle Monae
Date Of BirthDec 1, 1985
Place Of BirthKansas City
ProfessionArtist, Singer, Musician, Record producer, Composer, Songwriter, Model, Dancer, Spokesperson, Singer-songwriter
NationalityUnited States of America
Net Worth$12 Million

Early Life

On December 1, 1985, Janelle Monae Robinson was born in Kansas City, Kansas. When Janelle was a child, her parents, Janet (a hotel maid and janitor) and Michael (a truck driver), divorced. Janet subsequently remarried a postal worker and veteran of the war. Monáe was brought up in a Baptist family and has a younger half-sister named Kimmy.
Monae has said that her experience with Janelle's father's crack cocaine addiction and brief jail sentence left her with anxiety and abandonment problems. Early on, Janelle had a passion for singing and performance, and she started singing in a nearby church. She won three years in a row for her performances of songs from "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" at Juneteenth talent competitions. When she was a teenager, she also began creating musicals after joining the Coterie Theater's Young Playwrights' Round Table.
Monae studied musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City after graduating from F. L. Schlagle High School, but she left after a year and a half to go to Atlanta, where she attended Perimeter Collegeat Georgia State University.
Beginning with campus performances and songwriting, she later self-released the album "The Audition" in 2003. She met the composers and producersNate Wonder and Chuck Lightning, with whom she eventually co-founded the Wondaland Arts Collective. After being let go from Office Depot for responding to fan mail on a work computer, Janelle penned the song "Lettin' Go," which drew the attention of Big Boi of OutKast.


Janelle Monae wearing a white dress
Janelle Monae wearing a white dress
Monae contributed to the songs "Call the Law" and "In Your Dreams" on OutKast's "Idlewild" soundtrack from 2006, as well as "Got Purp? Vol. 2," a Purple Ribbon All-Stars album from 2005. In 2006, Sean Combs signed Janelle to his Bad Boy record company after Big Boi informed him about her. The EP "Metropolis: Suite I (The Chase)" by Monae, which was released on August 24, 2007, peaked at number two on the "Billboard" Heatseekers Albums list.
Janelle served as No Doubt's opening act on their 2009 tour, and the song "Many Moons" received a Grammy nomination for Best Urban/Alternative Performance. The album "The ArchAndroid," which Janelle released in May 2010, peaked at number four on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums list and number seventeen on the "Billboard" 200 chart.
She contributed to the fun hit "We Are Young," which was released in 2011, and received Grammy nominations for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The song was certified Diamond in the United States. In 2012, Monae supported President Obama by performing at CarolinaFest in Charlotte and serving as a spokesperson for CoverGirl and Sonos before the Democratic National Convention.
The "The Electric Lady" album by Janelle debuted at number five on the "Billboard" 200 chart when it was released in September 2013. The music video for the track "Q.U.E.E.N.", which features Erykah Badu, had four million YouTube views in its first week. The Boston City Council proclaimed October 16, 2013, "Janelle Monae Day," and later that month, Monae had a performance on "Saturday Night Live."
In 2014, she participated in a White House "Women of Soul" event, won the Harvard College Women's Center Award for Achievement in Arts and Media, and was awarded Woman of the Year at the Celebration of Black Women gala hosted by the Harvard College Black Men's Forum. In cooperation with Epic Records, Janelle's independent Wondaland Arts Society label changed its name to Wondaland Records in 2015.

Best Songs


Janelle Monáe - Tightrope (feat. Big Boi) [Official Music Video]

Make Me Feel

Janelle Monáe – Make Me Feel [Official Music Video]

Cold War

Janelle Monae - Cold War [Official Music Video]

Janelle Monae Boyfriend

According to Janelle, who has dated both men and women, she identifies as bisexual as well as pansexual. She tweeted the hashtag #IAmNonbinary in January 2020 and shared a "Steven Universe" image asking, "Are you a male or a girl? I possess experience. "It resonated with me, especially as someone who has pushed the boundaries of gender since the beginning of my career," she said afterward.
I sense my male energy, my female energy, and an energy I cannot even describe. In 2016, activist Monae established the group Fem the Future. Janelle and the other Wondaland musicians collaborated on the protest song "Hell You Talmbout" in 2015 to call attention to African-Americans who have lost their lives as a consequence of racial or police violence. Monae gave a performance during the 2017 Women's March and spoke at the 2018 Grammys on the "Time's Up" movement.

Janelle Monae Net Worth

Janelle Monae's projected net worth as of 2023 is $12 million. This sum has been amassed via a variety of sources of income, including music sales, touring earnings, and acting parts in hit films like "Hidden Figures" and "Moonlight." Since the release of her first EP in 2007, Monae has put out four studio albums, two of which have been successes with songs like "Tightrope" and "Make Me Feel."
"Dirty Computer," her most recent album, was published in 2018 under the Wondaland Arts Society label, which she and other musicians co-founded. In addition to her fame as a musician, Monae has also amassed a fortune from her critically acclaimed acting roles in television productions like Amazon Prime's Homecoming.

Real Estate

Janelle paid $3.9 million in April 2020 for a 3,403-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills. The property has a wet bar, outdoor claw-foot bathtub, outdoor kitchen, and common breezeway that connects the two residences that make up the mansion.

Awards And Nominations

Numerous music honors have included eight Grammys, four BET honors, four "Billboard" Music Awards, and two Brit Awards among the many that Monae has been nominated for. She won a Soul Train Music Award for Video of the Year, an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Music Video, and an MTV Video Music Award for Best Art Direction for her "Q.U.E.E.N." video.
"I Like That" was voted one of the Top R&B/Hip-hop Songs of 2019 and Janelle received the Vanguard Award at the ASCAP Awards in 2010. She has received numerous accolades, including two "Billboard" Women in Music awards (Rising Star in 2013 and Trailblazer of the Year in 2018), and two Black Girls Rock! Awards (Who Got Next Award and Young, Gifted & Black Award), an Essence Award (Black Women in Music Award), a GLAAD Media Award (Outstanding Music Artist), two Queerty Awards (Queer Anthem for "Pynk" and Badass), and a "Variety"

Interesting Facts About Janelle Monae

  • She was raised in a working-class family, and her parents divorced when she was young. Her mother worked as a janitor, and her father was a trash collector.
  • Janelle Monae is known for her signature black-and-white tuxedo-style outfit, which she has adopted as part of her persona as an artist.
  • She originally aspired to become a Broadway performer and attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City.
  • Janelle Monae's music blends various genres, including R&B, funk, soul, and hip-hop, and often incorporates science fiction and Afrofuturism themes.
  • Before achieving success as a solo artist, Monae was part of a music collective called Wondaland Arts Society, along with other talented artists like Jidenna and Deep Cotton.
  • Her debut studio album, "The ArchAndroid" (2010), was a concept album that introduced her alter-ego, an android named Cindi Mayweather.
  • Janelle Monae's music is known for its thought-provoking and socially conscious lyrics, addressing issues such as racism, identity, and empowerment.
  • She collaborated with the legendary musician Prince, who became a mentor and friend to her. They worked together on the song "Q.U.E.E.N." and had a deep artistic connection.
  • Monae has received critical acclaim for her acting performances, including her roles in the films "Hidden Figures" (2016) and "Moonlight" (2016), both of which were Academy Award-nominated.
  • In 2018, she starred in "Dirty Computer: An Emotion Picture," a visual album that accompanied her album "Dirty Computer." The project explored themes of identity, sexuality, and freedom.
  • Janelle Monae identifies as pansexual, and she has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity.
  • She is a passionate advocate for social justice and has been involved in activism, particularly in the Black Lives Matter movement and issues affecting marginalized communities.
  • Monae has received multiple Grammy Award nominations throughout her career for her music and performances.
  • In addition to her artistic talents, Janelle Monae is also known for her fashion sense and has been praised for her bold and innovative style choices on the red carpet.

People Also Ask

What Is Janelle Monae's Signature Fashion Style?

Janelle Monae is known for her signature black-and-white tuxedo-style outfit, which she has adopted as part of her persona as an artist.

Which Music Collective Was Janelle Monae A Part Of Before Becoming A Solo Artist?

Before achieving success as a solo artist, Janelle Monae was part of a music collective called Wondaland Arts Society, along with other talented artists like Jidenna and Deep Cotton.

In Which Film Did Janelle Monae Have A Notable Acting Role That Earned Her Critical Acclaim?

Janelle Monae had a notable acting role in the film "Hidden Figures" (2016), where she played the role of Mary Jackson, a NASA mathematician. Her performance earned her critical acclaim and contributed to the film's success.

What Themes Does Janelle Monae's Music Often Explore?

Janelle Monae's music blends various genres and often incorporates themes of science fiction, Afrofuturism, and socially conscious lyrics. Her music explores issues such as racism, identity, empowerment, and social justice.


In conclusion, Janelle Monae is a multi-talented artist known for her innovative music, thought-provoking lyrics, and socially conscious performances. Born in Kansas City, Kansas, she has risen to prominence with her unique blend of R&B, funk, soul, and science fiction themes, captivating audiences worldwide. Embracing her signature black-and-white tuxedo-style outfit, she has crafted a distinct persona that reflects her artistic vision.
Beyond her music, Janelle Monae has showcased her acting prowess in acclaimed films like "Hidden Figures" and "Moonlight," earning praise for her compelling performances. She uses her artistic platform to advocate for social justice, LGBTQ+ rights, and issues affecting marginalized communities, making her a respected voice in activism.
Janelle Monae's journey from a talented artist in the Wondaland Arts Society collective to a Grammy-nominated solo artist and acclaimed actress exemplifies her determination and creative brilliance. Her music explores complex themes of identity, empowerment, and freedom, and her advocacy work reflects her commitment to using her influence for positive change.
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