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James Corden ‘Late Late Show’ Signs Off After Eight Years Of Airing

After eight years as host, James Corden ‘Late Late Show’ signs off. A-list guests including Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, Adele, and Will Ferrell appeared on his final show as well.

Author:Alex Mercer
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May 01, 20231 Shares306 Views
After eight years as host, James Corden ‘Late Late Show’ signs off. A-list guests including Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, Adele, and Will Ferrell appeared on his final show as well. Ferrell and Styles broke the Late Late Show host's desk, and Biden joked in a video that he was "surprised you lasted eight years in any job" in the message.
The British host's last remarks included both sincere sentiment and hilarity. He concluded by pleading with US viewers not to succumb to those who are "trying to stoke differences" in the nation.

James Corden’s ‘Late Late Show’ Signs Off

James Corden’s Late Late Show Farewell: BEST MOMENTS!

James Corden's tenure as host of "The Late Late Show" is coming to an end after eight years and numerous Emmy nominations. The show, which featured well-liked segments including "Carpool Karaoke," was hosted by the English actor and presenter, who announced his departure last April. He later admitted that the decision was motivated by his desire to spend more time with his family.
According to Nielsen's quick national numbers, the Thursday episode, the final of Corden's eight-year tenure at CBS, attracted 1.43 million viewers in its 12:35 a.m. timeslot. This is the greatest audience for Corden's program since it began airing after the NFL's AFC Championship game in January 2021. It is a 77 percent increase from The Late Late Show's season average of 806,000 people.
3.65 million people saw a Carpool Karaoke primetime special at 10 p.m., which is an increase from the 2.77 million who watched the previous primetime special containing the recurrent Late Late Show feature (in May 2019). Fast national ratings exclude out-of-home viewing, which could somewhat inflate the aforementioned numbers.
The host's final episode of The Late Late Show had to get started someplace, but after failing to unlock a number of closed doors, he ended up starting the show in the studio's stairway rather than on his main stage.
At CBS Television City, he delivered his monologue from the stairway, and he conducted his customary dressing room check-ins with the night's guests, Harry Styles and Will Ferrell, through a window on one of the doors. (Ferrell claimed that the door was "well-made" and that he couldn't open it from his side.)
The audience was informed by Corden that it was an "emotional time" because they were taping "the final Late Late Show in the history of CBS." In the program, Cruise, who previously challenged Corden to participate in life-threatening stunts with him, joined the host in a Broadway theater where they surprised the audience with a surprise performance of Can You Feel The Love Tonight from The Lion King.
In his prime-time special, Adele and he performed their final Carpool Karaoke together, singing duets to songs like Rolling In The Deep and Don't Rain On My Parade from Funny Girl.
Other guests included fellow late-night chat show hosts Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, who attempted to persuade Corden to remain on in a skit that referenced their comedy from last year's White House Correspondent's Dinner. President Joe Biden also left a video greeting for Corden.


On Thursday, James Corden ‘Late Late Show’ signs off after eight years and approximately 1,200 episodes. After 8 years, CBS aired "The Late Late Show" farewell episode on April 27. The show's cancellation may have been influenced by its deteriorating profitability. In April 2022, Corden announced his departure as a host, but it wasn't obvious at the time whether the Late Late Show brand would survive.
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