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Errol Spence Jr. Net Worth In 2023, Birthday, Age, Wife And Kids

As the spotlight continues to shine on his illustrious career, the notion of Errol Spence Jr. net worth emerges as a topic of curiosity and fascination, inviting us to delve into the financial dimensions of his extraordinary journey.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Sep 04, 2023
In the realm of professional boxing, few names resonate as powerfully as Errol Spence Jr. A figure of unassailable skill and determination, Spence has carved his name into the annals of the sport's history.
His remarkable prowess within the boxing ring has not only earned him widespread acclaim but has also translated into a substantial accumulation of wealth. As the spotlight continues to shine on his illustrious career, the notion of Errol Spence Jr. net worthemerges as a topic of curiosity and fascination, inviting us to delve into the financial dimensions of his extraordinary journey.

Early Life Of Errol Spence Jr.

NameErrol Spence Jr.
BirthdayMarch 3, 1990
Net worth$12 million

Early Life

Errol Spence Jr., renowned by his ring moniker "The Truth," entered this world on March 3, 1990, amidst the bustling energy of Long Island, New York. Born to the proud parents Errol Spence Sr. and Debra Spence, his lineage traces back to the vibrant island nation of Jamaica through his father, while his maternal heritage ties him firmly to African-American origins. The majority of his formative years were spent in the vibrant cityscape of Dallas, Texas, where his journey from a curious youngster to a boxing sensation began to take shape.
It was at the tender age of 15 that fate intertwined with young Errol's life in a way that would forever alter his trajectory. His father, recognizing his son's idle summer hours, introduced him to the noble art of boxing. Seeking an activity to fill the days, Errol Spence Sr. accompanied his son to a local boxing gym, unknowingly setting the wheels in motion for a remarkable sporting journey.
The roots of Errol's passion for the sport can be traced back to his childhood, where he shared moments with his father, indulging in the sweet science while seated in their local barber shop. With a fervent love for boxing, his father's admiration extended to none other than the legendary pugilist, Lennox Lewis, further cementing the young Errol's fascination with the sport.
Education formed another pivotal chapter in Errol's early life. His presence graced the halls of DeSoto High School, an institution known for its robust football program. It was during this time that he also made his mark on the gridiron, displaying his athletic prowess as a football player for Cedar Hill.
However, as destiny would have it, a pivotal crossroads emerged, urging him to make a profound decision that would chart the course of his future. Confronted with the choice between two passions, football and boxing, Errol Spence Jr. made the resolute decision to pursue the latter, carving out his path in the world of boxing.
This decision to focus solely on boxing brought him under the mentorship of boxing coach Derrick James, a partnership that has been the cornerstone of his growth in the sport since its embryonic stages. With James's guidance, Errol honed his skills and channeled his energy, transforming himself from an aspiring youngster with dreams of glory into a bona fide force to be reckoned with within the boxing arena.
Errol Spence Jr. wearing a suit on a white shirt and black tie at an event
Errol Spence Jr. wearing a suit on a white shirt and black tie at an event

Amateur Career

In 2005, Errol Spence embarked on his boxing journey, showcasing a remarkable prowess for speed within the ring right from the outset. His initial foray included participation in amateur tournaments, where he displayed exceptional talent, reigning as the country's preeminent boxer for three consecutive years.
The years 2009 through 2011 saw Spence ascend to the coveted position of amateur national champion, a testament to his dedication and skill. During this period, he also secured victories in the prestigious Golden Gloves tournaments of 2009 and 2010.
In 2011, Spence entered the World Amateur Boxing Championship, a platform of great significance in his career. Despite his efforts, he experienced a setback, bowing out in the quarterfinals of the championship.
The turning point arrived in the summer of 2012 when the skilled pugilist from Long Island earned a spot on the USA Olympic Boxing team, marking a substantial milestone. His Olympic journey, however, was marked by a controversial turn of events. In the third round of his bout against Indian welterweight Krishan Vikas, Spence initially faced defeat. Yet, amidst a whirlwind of deliberations, the decision was later overturned by the AIBA, the governing body of amateur boxing.
AIBA's intervention stemmed from the recognition that Vikas had resorted to excessive holding fouls throughout the third round, prompting the competition jury to revise their stance. Vikas' actions, including the deliberate spitting out of his mouthpiece in the second round, should have merited substantial point deductions. This change in the ruling propelled Spence into the quarterfinals, where he confronted Russia's Andrey Zamkovoy.
In this pivotal match, however, victory eluded Spence as he was defeated by Zamkovoy, bringing an end to the American men's team's Olympic journey without securing any medals for the first time in the competition's history.

Professional Career

Errol Spence made his professional boxing debut in the welterweight category on November 9, 2012. In his debut, he faced Jonathan Garcia and secured his first career knockout victory. Just a month later, Spence continued his success with another win, this time against Richard Andrews, achieved through a technical knockout.
Throughout 2013, the native of New York participated in eight fights, emerging victorious in all of them. By this point, Spence had achieved ten wins in total, with eight of them coming by way of knockout.
Adding two more victories at the outset of 2014, Errol Spence marked his presence on Showtime in June, a significant milestone in his career. In a fight against Ronald Cruz, he went the distance, completing ten rounds for the first time. The match ended in Spence's favor, securing the third decision victory of his career. This bout not only marked his first ten-round contest but also propelled him to become the main event on Showtime.
Progressing triumphantly, Errol Spence systematically dismantled one adversary after another. By the time ESPN acknowledged him as the most promising fighter of 2015, his unblemished record stood at 19-0, with his latest victory being over Alejandro Barrera. In pursuit of a championship opportunity, Spence needed to conquer two more challenges.
With determination, he accomplished this feat by first overpowering American Chris Algieri in April 2016, followed by a commanding victory over Italian Leonard Bundu in August of the same year. As his 22nd bout approached, Spence embarked on his inaugural international match, journeying to England to face Kell Brook, the reigning IBF welterweight champion. Brook's odds were diminished due to his recent surgery for a fractured right eye socket.
In the 10th round, the Sheffield fighter was brought down by Spence's relentless assault on his eye. Despite the challenging situation, buoyed by the cheers of his hometown fans, he displayed remarkable courage and mounted a spirited comeback. However, his resilience would only carry him through one more round. Referee Howard Foster made the call to end the match, even though Brook managed to rise at the count of nine after taking a knee.
As the 27,000-strong crowd at Sheffield United's arena expressed their disappointment with audible boos, Brook, donning shorts that bore the colors of his beloved club, appeared to acknowledge his circumstances with a sense of resignation. With this victory, Spence earned the title of the new IBF welterweight champion. He continued to defend his title successfully in the subsequent three bouts.
On September 28, 2019, Spence faced his fourth belt defense and engaged in his inaugural unification match. The noteworthy event unfolded at the Staples Center, situated in Los Angeles, California. Errol's adversary for this significant bout was none other than Shawn Porter.
The matchup was steeped in various intriguing storylines, with a particular emphasis on the extensive history shared by the two fighters in the lead-up to their pay-per-view clash. Adding depth to the narrative, it was revealed that not only had Porter's father, Kenny, assumed the role of an amateur coach for Spence, but Porter himself had also acted as a mentor or "big brother" figure to Spence during his transition into the professional boxing realm.
Almost a decade later, it became evident that Spence and Porter had set aside their friendship in pursuit of business opportunities. This shift had led to several tense moments in the lead-up to their showdown at the Staples Center.
Porter (30-3-1) stepped into the ring as a significant underdog, labeled a rough fighter by Spence. However, Porter showcased new facets of his strategy, blending them with his trademark aggressive style, which often seemed to disconcert Spence during their intense clash.
In front of a fervent crowd of 16,702 spectators, Errol Spence Jr. found himself grappling with an opponent who refused to let him dictate the pace. Spence and Porter delivered a strong contender for Fight of the Year, characterized by dramatic momentum shifts and explosive exchanges. Consequently, Spence emerged victorious through a hard-earned split decision over Shawn Porter, uniting the WBC welterweight title with his IBF championship.
Errol Spence Jr. posing with his belt while giving a thumbs up after a fight
Errol Spence Jr. posing with his belt while giving a thumbs up after a fight

Errol Spence Jr. Net Worth And Salary

Having ventured into the world of boxing during his teenage years, Spence has achieved triumphs across all tiers of competition. His amassed fortune is approximated to exceed $12 million, positioning him as one of the most lucratively compensated boxersin the field.
Most of his revenue stems from his bouts, collaborations with sponsors, and endorsement agreements. Apart from his earnings in the ring, Spence possesses an array of assets including investments in real estate, opulent automobiles, and diverse entrepreneurial undertakings.

Errol Spence Jr. Wife

Errol Spence Jr., widely recognized as one of the top boxers of his era, leads a high-profile life in the public eye. Yet, he has masterfully maintained a sense of privacy around his relationship with Ashra Ortiz, his long-term girlfriend. It's been reported that the two have been a couple for numerous years, with Ortiz frequently gracing the ringside to support Spence during his matches.
Notably, she is often seen alongside Spence's children, enthusiastically cheering for their father. Though it remains uncertain whether she is the mother of his children, Ortiz's presence suggests a significant role in their lives.
Ashra Ortiz herself is a notable entrepreneur. She has established her own clothing brand, 'Shop Ashra', which has gained recognition. Her influence extends to social media, boasting an impressive following of nearly 300,000 on Instagram. Her posts frequently showcase her brand and also offer glimpses into her life with Spence and his children.

Errol Spence Jr. Kids

Within Errol Spence Jr.'s familial sphere, the boxer's life is enriched by the presence of three beloved children, each contributing a unique chapter to his journey. These offspring, a constellation of love and legacy, include two daughters and a son, their significance deeply intertwined with Spence's evolution as both an athlete and a father.
Among the trio, his youngest, a son christened Errol Dallas Spence, carries not only his own identity but also the legacy of two generations. At the other end of this spectrum stands Ivy, a testament to Spence's earliest foray into fatherhood. His eldest daughter, Ivy, holds a unique place in his heart, serving as a marker of his initial steps into parenthood.
Completing this trio is Violet, a daughter whose role bridges the gap between the eldest and the youngest. Through her existence, Spence's familial narrative takes on a dynamic arc, her presence signifying a bridge between his past and his future. As the middle child, Violet embodies balance and unity, reflecting the complex yet beautiful tapestry of life.

Errol Spence Jr 3 kids and baby mama

People Also Ask

Does Errol Spence Jr. Have Kids?

The welterweight champion has three kids, two daughters, Ivy and Violet, and a son who was born in 2020 by the name of Errol Dallas.

How Many Belts Does Errol Spence Jr. Have?

Unified champion Errol Spence Jr. (28-0, 22 KOs) puts his IBF, WBA and WBC belts on the line against WBO champion Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs).

How Much Is Errol Spence Jr. Fight Worth?

Crawford talked about how representatives from two unnamed hedge funds offered guaranteed purses of $25 million for himself and Spence. Per Dan Rafael on August 3, 2023, Both fighters made $25 million a piece after generating 675 domestic buys, grossing $55 million, and having a gate of more than $20 million.


In the world of professional sports, where the arenas are both physical and financial, Errol Spence Jr. has managed to conquer both with resounding success. Errol Spence Jr. net worth is more than a mere financial figure; it's a testament to his journey, his triumphs, and his ability to navigate the intricate dance of athleticism, entertainment, and business acumen.
As Errol Spence Jr. continues to shine in the boxing spotlight, his net worth stands as a reflection of his extraordinary dedication, reminding us that his legacy is not only etched in victories but also in the economic realm - a true champion in every sense of the word.
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