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Elle Macpherson Net Worth $95 Million - 'The Body', At The Head Of Successful Models, Business Women And Famous Actresses

The Australian model, actress, entrepreneur, and television broadcaster Elle Macpherson net worth is $95 million. Macpherson started modeling to help pay for law school, but when she ended up being one of the highest-paid models in the world, that goal was abandoned.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Jan 10, 2023
The Australian model, actress, entrepreneur, and television broadcaster Elle Macphersonnet worthis $95 million.
Macpherson started modeling to help pay for law school, but when she ended up being one of the highest-paid modelsin the world, that goal was abandoned.
One of the top supermodels in the world, Elle Macpherson came to fame in the 1980s. She has been on the front pages of Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, and Vogue by 1986.
After appearing on the cover of "Time" magazine's September 1989 edition and appearing in every issue of "Elle," Macpherson earned the moniker "Elle "The Body" Macpherson.
With five "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue" covers, Elle holds the record (1986, 1987, 1988, 1994, and 2006).

Quick Facts About Elle Macpherson

Date of BirthMar 29, 1964
Place of BirthKillara
ProfessionModel, Fashion Model, Actor, Entrepreneur, Supermodel, Businessperson, Nude Glamour Model, Presenter, Television producer
Net Worth$95 Million

Elle Macpherson Career

Elle Macpherson at a conference
Elle Macpherson at a conference

Modeling Career

Before enrolling in college, Macpherson traveled to New York City with the intention of modeling for a year to make money to cover the cost of her books.
She entered into a deal with Click Model Management, and a 1982 Tab ad served as her first modeling gig.
In the 1980s, Elle was featured on a lot of magazine covers, and in 1985 she was chosen to represent the French skin care brand Biotherm.
Macpherson has featured in commercials for Victoria's Secret, Revlon, Diet Coke, Budweiser, Chrysler, and many other brands.
She has also taken part in runway shows for a number of well-known designers, including Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Donna Karan, and Calvin Klein.
She said that the media had contacted several of her ex-boyfriends in an effort to get nude images of her in 1994, thus she decided to appear for "Playboy" magazine in a nude manner "on her own terms."
Elle's image appeared on Antigua and Barbuda postage stamps in 1999, and the following year, she participated in the Summer Olympics closing ceremony.
Naomi Campbell and Macpherson co-hosted the Miss Universe pageant in 2001, and in 2006, she received a Style Icon Award from the Elle Style Awards.
Elle signed a three-year contract with Revlon Cosmetics in 2008, and she has since represented the brand as a global brand ambassador.

Business Career

Before developing the "Your Personal Best - The Body" exercise DVDs, Elle Macpherson Inc. was established in 1994 and a number of calendars were first published under that name.
In 1990, she collaborated with Bendon Limited Apparel to launch the lingerie brand Elle Macpherson Intimates, which quickly rose to the top of the sales charts in both Australia and Great Britain.
Later, Elle launched the cosmetics brand Elle Macpherson - The Body and a line of maternity bras.
She also spent a year on the board of directorsof Hot Tuna Clothing. In 2009, Macpherson delivered the keynote address at the annual conference of the International Trademark Association.
In 2014, she co-founded the health brand WelleCo and introduced The Super Elixir, an alkalizing wellness product.
Elle was selected Entrepreneur of the Year by "Glamour" magazine in 2005, and in 2007 she received an Everywoman Ambassador Award.
She received a World Career Award from the Women's World Awards in 2009 after being selected Lingerie Designer of the Year at the 2008 Femmy Awards.

Acting Career

Macpherson made her film debut in Woody Allen's "Alice" (1990), and she then acted with Hugh Grant in "Sirens" (1994).
In addition to hosting "Saturday Night Live" in 1996, Elle starred in "If Lucy Fell," "Jane Eyre," and "The Mirror Has Two Faces," and the following year, she had appearances in "Batman & Robin" and "The Edge."
After appearing in "With Friends Like These" in 1998, Macpherson started a five-episode run on the immensely successful NBC comedy "Friends" in 1999.
She also had appearances in the 2001 films South Kensington, "A Girl Thing," and the short-lived adolescent drama series "The Beautiful Life" (2009).

Elle Macpherson Personal Life

Elle and Billy Joel had a romance during the start of the 1980s. Joel composed "This Night" and "And So It Goes" about Elle.
After meeting him during a photo session for the "Elle" magazine two years before, she wed fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon in 1986.
They split up in 1989. Macpherson started dating businessman Arpad Busson in 1996. Before divorcing in 2005, they had two sons: Arpad (born on February 14, 1998) and Aurelius (born on February 4, 2003).
Jeffrey Soffer, a millionaire, and Elle dated from 2009 until 2012. The pair reunited after his injuries in a helicopter crash, getting hitched in July 2013. In June 2017, Elle and Jeffrey made a divorce announcement.
The notorious anti-vaxxer Andrew Wakefield, who was struck from the U.K. medical register for "unethical behavior, dishonesty, and fraud," went on with Macpherson in 2018.
Two guys came into Elle's Los Angeles house in 1997 and made off with $6,000, a ton of pictures, and jewelry worth at least $100,000.
The next month saw the arrests of Michael Mischler and William Ryan Holt. Mischler, who pled guilty to burglary and attempted extortion, got a sentence of six years and eight months in jail, while Holt, who pleaded guilty to extortion, was given a one-year prison term.

Elle Macpherson Philanthropy

Macpherson has a strong interest for charity and has held positions as an ambassador for UNICEF, the Smile Foundation, and RED, which raises money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.
In 2012, she worked on a campaign for Sky to honor International Women's Day, and she supports the National Association for the Children of Alcoholics.

Elle Macpherson Outfits And Jewelry

Elle Macpherson smiling
Elle Macpherson smiling
Supermodel Elle, sometimes known as "The Body," always looks like she just stepped off the runway.
Her look has helped sales for several clothing manufacturers. The majority of her donned clothes have been succinctly summarized by Stylebristo in their lookbooks.
Additionally, she and Bendon Limited Apparel collaborated to establish the delicate lingerie line Elle Macpherson Intimates.
She was voted Lingerie Designer of the Year by the Femmy Awards in 2008 after Intimate rose to become the best-selling lingerie brand in both Australia and the United Kingdom.
She is well aware that everything she wears, from her jewels to her outfits, has value. She is not merely a strong, kind lady who succeeds in her career.
She gave the Challenge Aspen and Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboarding Club the $49,900 diamond watch.
Later, Challenge Aspen announced that 50 families with disabilities would now receive scholarships from her generosity for the organization's winter and summer programs.

Elle Macpherson Net Worth

The net worth of Elle Macpherson is $95 million. That is a significant amount. All of this is the result of contributions made over a ten-year period in several domains.
But in her own time, Macpherson enjoys seeing new countries and shopping in different locations throughout the world.
To keep the yearly income and assets-owned information away from the prying eyes of the media, Elle has done excellent job. She is without a doubt enjoying a luxurious lifestyle with her loved ones.

Real Estate Of Elle Macpherson

In Coral Gables, Florida, Elle spent $8.1 million for a 9,000-square-foot house. On 1.71 acres of ground, the seven-bedroom estate is located.
The property has a saltwater pool, and the owner before to Elle completely renovated the mansion.
In April 2022, Elle put this house up for sale for $29 million. Here is a tour she took in a video before she purchased the house:
A 14,395 square foot estate in Aspen, Colorado, was bought by Macpherson and Soffer for $36.5 million in 2007, and they listed it for $35 million in 2015.

People Also Ask

Who Is Elle Macpherson?

Elle Macpherson is an Australian model, businesswoman, actress, and host. Macpherson launched her lingerie in the year 1990,which shot her to fame. This diva is divorced at this point.

Is Elle Macpherson In A Relationship?

Yes, she has been in a relationship with the anti-vaccination activist and ex-physicianAndrew Wakefield since 2017.

Who Is Elle Macpherson’s Husband?

Elle married twice to date, and both turned out to be unsuccessful marriages. Her first husband was Gilles Bensimon from 1986-to 1989, and Jeffrey Soffer was her second husband; she married in 2013, and their relationship ended in 2017.


Australia is quickly rising to the top of the list of nations that produce successful actors, businesswomen, and models.
Elle Macpherson embodies all of them. Along with her acting roles, she is highly recognized for her appearances in prominent periodicals.
Although she is well known as a seductive model, we can confidently assert that she is more than simply a name or a celebrity.
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