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Comprehensive Explanation Of The Wager And Recommendations For Wagering

How you can wagering and features bonuses at online casinos, detailed information and recommendations for beginner gamblers, conditions for using bonuses.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
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What Is A Wager And How To Win It Back

You can find different promotions and bonuses on many gaming platforms. Online casinos attract the attention of new players with generous offers. These are usually free spins or the opportunity to increase the deposit. A bonus can be obtained for performing different actions:
  • making a deposit;
  • registration;
  • participation in the loyalty program.
Some gaming platforms provide players with birthday promo codes. Any bonus usually has wagering conditions. It is easy to determine how realistic it is to win it back - you need to take into account the wager. This figure is always in the terms of the bonus. Check out the detailed information to understand how to use the promotions.

Description and Features of the Wager

Gamblers who have not previously gambled online often do not understand what a wager is. Since gaming platforms attract attention with generous welcome bonuses and more, it is very important to understand what definition this word has. Wager refers to the number of bets a gambler must place in order to be able to withdraw the bonus funds.
Operators deliberately set mandatory wagering to exclude losses. In addition, the bonus is used to attract the attention of new players and motivate active clients. Wager is always provided in the form of a ratio and looks like this - 20x, 30x, 50x.
These numbers mean that you need to multiply this figure by the size of the bonus received. In this case, you will be able to understand how much you need to invest to win back the prize. The lower the wager, the more favorable for the gambler, because it is easier to win it back.
It is worth noting that the wagering conditions in some online casinos can be not only for the bonus money, but also for the main deposit. For example, if the bonus was 100%, it doubles the betting amount. Read the wagering requirements carefully to understand how beneficial it is to accept the bonus offer.

Main Restrictions to Wagering

When choosing games at online casinos, you need to consider not only the wager, but also other requirements. A lot of useful information is on Slots Up, which is recommended to read before you take the bonus.
Limit for bettingSome gaming platforms specify in the rules that it is forbidden to make high bets
Limit for SlotsIt is sometimes possible to win back the wagering only in certain slot machines, the list of available slots for wagering is usually published in the main rules
Time limitWhen choosing a bonus, you need to consider how much time a gambler has to wager it. In general, you can wager a bonus at an online casino within 14 days of its activation. There are also bonuses that need to be wagered within 24 hours.
It is important to keep this information in mind before accepting promotional offers from a gaming platform. If the gambler does not manage to win back the bonuses, all his winnings will be canceled. That's why you need to weigh all the requirements to make the right decision.

Main Types of Bonuses at Online Casinos

New players can be confused and misunderstand how to choose the right bonus. Gaming platforms provide a variety of offers, which can be really confusing. It should be understood that the wager is a coefficient that indicates how much should be wagered and spent by the gambler in bets. The wager is always determined with a specific type of bonus in mind. The main ones include:
  • welcome bonus - a certain reward for registering on the gaming platform;
  • no deposit bonus - there is no need to make a deposit, as the bonus is credited for registration, but usually has a high wager;
  • for the first deposit - gaming platforms usually charge up to 100%, and wagering the prize must be at least 20 times;
  • prize for future deposits - the opportunity to get a bonus of 25%, 50%, 100% with loyal conditions for wagering;
  • promotions - they can be received by active and regular customers, the bonus is awarded every week or every month, with minimum conditions for wagering;
  • VIP-offers - gamblers who pay large sums and play big can get VIP offers, the amount of withdrawal can be up to x40;
  • free spins - they must be used in a particular slot, which is spelled out in the conditions of the bonus offer, but in any case, the winnings must be wagering;
  • cashback - the player can get back some of the money spent in bets.
Keep in mind that this is the coefficient that defines the sum bet for wagering the bonus funds.
In general, the wager helps determine how profitable the bonus is. Before you accept an offer from an online casino, be sure to read the wagering terms and conditions. In this way, you'll be able to understand whether it's worth it to accept such an offer.
Each online casino may have different terms and conditions, as operators independently determine which bonuses to offer to customers. There is a wide range of rewards for new and active users. They may differ in the amount of bonus funds, as well as wagering requirements. Pay attention to this when choosing a reliable online casino. Do not ignore the bonus offers because you can greatly increase your bankroll with their help.
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