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Get To Know About Chris Jericho's Net Worth In 2022

What is Chris Jericho's net worth? Chris Jericho popular Canadian American professional wrestler. Also he is a singer, actor, businessman.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 27, 2022
Chris Jericho popular Canadian American professional wrestler. Also, he is a singer, actor, businessman, author, and media personality. He is known for his video occupancy in world championship wrestling, WWE, and extreme championship wrestling.
As of 2021, Chris Jericho's net worthis estimated at $20 million.

Chris Jericho Early Life

Born in Manhasset, New York, on 9 November 1970. His father, Ted Irvine, was a famous NHL hockey player. After the retirement of his father, he moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba, along with his family.
His interest in wrestling became a reality when his father took him to watch a local AWA event. He got inspiration from the fighting skills of Shawn Michael, Owen Hart, and Ricky "the dragon" steamboat. He completed his course in creative communication and graduated from the red river community college, Winnipeg.

15 Years of Y2J: WWE Top 10

Chris Jericho Professional Wrestling Career

Chris Jericho took the first step in their wrestling career when he entered a keystone wrestling alliance promotion and became a part of its ring crew. He learned about wrestling from wrestlers like caveman Broda and catfish Charlie. He took his wrestling career seriously when he joined the Harth brothers school of wrestling at 19 years of age. On the first day of school, he met Lance storm.
Got trained from professional wrestlers such as Brad young and ed Langley. After 2 months of training, he did debut at moose hall, Ponoka, Alberta. He won ECW world television championship news. He also made his debut in WCW in 1996.
In the year 1996, he made his 1st appearance in Japan pro wrestling. He faced a few defeats but won the 1st WCW cruiserweight championship in June 1997 by defeating syxx. On 30th June 1999, Chris signed the WWF contract. After that, he became the greatest wrestler by winning various championships and famous wrestler of the WWF.

Chris Jericho Wife

Chris met Jessica Lockhart through Glenn gilbertti, a WCW wrestler. They married on 30 July 2000 at Charles country club.

Chris Jericho Children

He had three children from Jessica. The oldest son is ash Edward Irvine and twin daughters - Cheyenne Lee Irvine and Sierra Loretta Irvine.

Jericho Parents

Jericho's father is Ted Irvine (NHL hockey player). His father played for the new work ranger.

Chris Jericho Sibling

Chris has a sister, Vanessa Gerads, and she is a music teacher.

Jericho Salary

Jericho's major income source is through wrestling. He earned about 974000 per month from his work at WWE.
  • Chris Jericho Birthday - 9 November 1970
  • Age - 50 years
  • Height - 1.83m
  • Weight -102 kg
  • Birthname - Christopher Keith Irvine
  • Nickname -chairs Jericho
  • Born place and residence - Manhasset, new york, US.
  • Religion - Christian,
  • Citizenship -American, Canadian
  • Nationality- American, Canadian
Chris Jericho, Former AEW and WWE world champion, opens up about his issues with Triple H, a WWE hall farmer, and executive. Also, in real life, they hate each other still were able to work together and had great matches.
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