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Celebrities Unliked Johnny Depp Victory Post On Instagram - List Of Celebrities That Unliked Johnny Depp's Post

Over the course of the past two months, celebrities unliked Johnny Depp victory post on Instagram message after he was vindicated in his libel case against Amber Heard have subsequently changed their minds and disliked it.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Aug 10, 2022
Over the course of the past two months, celebritiesunlikedJohnny Depp victory post on Instagrammessage after he was vindicated in his libel case against Amber Heard have subsequently changed their minds and disliked it.
After records from the case were unsealed, which revealed evidence unfavorable of Depp that was not previously public — and was therefore not examined on social media like the rest of the trial.
Twitter users began calling out the celebrity removals.

Why Celebrities Unliked Johnny Depp Instagram Post

Andrea Burkhart, a legal commentator and a supporter of Depp, posted the unsealed court documents from the lawsuit to her website on July 13.
However, it wasn't until early August that the documents received media attention.
Depp's supporters helped raise money to unseal the documents, which were part of the lawsuit.
The unsealed documents showed that Heard's legal team feared that Depp's legal team would use nude photos of her during the trial in an attempt to "frivolously and maliciously suggest" that she was once a sex worker.
Additionally, the documents uncovered crude texts between Depp and Marilyn Manson and rehashed his history of alleged misconduct with testimony from former agent Tracey Jacobs and former girlfriend Ellen Barkin.
It revealed that Heard willingly walked away from a fortune in the divorce proceedings.

Celebrities are removing Instagram likes from Johnny Depp's victory post?

The following is a list of all of the famous people who are said to have disapproved of Johnny Depp's 'victory' post:

Bella Hadid

A post-trial statement that Johnny Depp issued was praised by a number of people, including supermodel Bella Hadid.
According to a report that was published by Buzzfeed Newsin June, at the time when the decision was handed down.
On the other hand, if what you say is accurate, then we no longer see people dressed in that manner nowadays.

Halle Bailey

It has been said that the singer and actor Halle, who is most known in the UK for her collaborations with her sister Chloe.
Her role in Grown-ish, and for being signed by Beyoncé, liked Johnny Depp's post at first but then changed her mind about doing so later.
It has been reported that Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones, has withdrawn her like from the post.

Zoey Deutch

It would appear that the actor Zoey, who had previously collaborated with Depp on the film The Professor, has withdrawn her support for him publicly.
Cosmopolitan UK has followed each of the aforementioned celebritiesin order to determine whether or not any of them have removed their interaction with Depp's post.
If their names do not appear at the top of the page that lists the accounts of those who have liked the upload, then Cosmopolitan UK knows that they have deleted their interaction.
On the other hand, the information that the celebrities in the issue liked the post in the first place comes from other news pieces that were published by reputable sources within the mainstream media.
According to a list obtained from Reddit, celebrities such as Elle Fanning, Jennifer Coolidge, and Orlando Bloom had previously shown interest in the topic; however, their names do not appear to be associated with it at this time.
On Twitter, a post that pointed out that many of Hollywood's biggest stars have withdrawn their public support from the post has collected more than 100,000 likes for itself.
The post in question pointed out that these significant personalities have withdrawn their support for the post.
Jennifer Coolidge, Christina Hendricks, McKenna Grace, Riley Keough, Bruce Campbell, and Sam Fender are among the other celebrities who give the impression that they disagree with Johnny Depp's comments.
Other famous people, such as Jennifer Aniston, Paris Hilton, Emma Roberts, Dominic Fike, and Naomi Campbell, have not deleted their positive comments or likes on Johnny Depp's post.


People started noticing that several celebrities had apparently "unliked" Johnny Depp's Instagram post after the documents gained media attention earlier this month.
In the post, Depp claimed that "false, very serious, and criminal allegations" against him had a "seismic impact" on his life and career.
Buzzfeed News has developed a list that is wide in scope but does not claim to be exhaustive in terms of the celebrities that have revoked their "likes."
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