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Billie Joe Armstrong Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Wife, Kids And Girlfriends

How much is Billie Joe Armstrong worth? Armstrong is an American musician, producer, songwriter, and singer.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
May 27, 2022
Armstrong is an American musician, producer, songwriter, and singer. His interest in music started at a young age. He attended Hillcrest Elementary School, where one of his teachers encouraged him to record a song titled ‘Look for Love’. Besides Hillcrest, he also attended Carquinez Middle School and John Swett High School. Finally, in 1990 he dropped out to pursue his musical career.
Billie was born on 17 February 1972. Currently, he is 48 years, 1.7M, and 66 KG. BJ Billie was born in California and lived in Oakland. The celebrity also has a house in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is agnostic and holds American Nationality and citizenship.
As of 2021, Billie Joe Armstrong's net worthis estimated at $80 million.

Billie Joe Armstrong Career

In 1987, he formed a band titled ‘Sweet Children’ with his childhood friend Mike Dirnt. However, due to their fondness for marijuana, they replaced the name with ‘Green Day’ in April 1989. I N 1993, he played live several times with Rancid (California Punk Band). They asked him to join their band, but he refused after seeing the success of Green Day.
  • In 2009, Armstrong formed a band called Rodeo Queens. The band released 1 song Depression Times.
  • In November 2014, he moved to New York with his son to begin acting roles in the film Ordinary World. The movie was his first lead acting role. The film got mixed reviews, but the performance of Billie was praised, and he deserves it.

10 Questions for Billie Joe Armstrong | TIME

Billie Joe Armstrong Wife

Billie married Adrienne Nesser in 1994. Billie met his future wife at the show of Green Day. Adrienne Armstrong is the co-owner of Adeline Streets, Adeline records, and an eco-friendly boutique (Atomic Garden) in Oakland.

Billie Joe Armstrong Kids

The couple is blessed with 2 sons, Joe Armstrong and Jakob Danger Armstrong. Jakob is a singer, well-known as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the Punk Rock Band Danger.

Billie Joe Armstrong Parents

He was born in California, the youngest of the six children of Ollie Jackson (1932) and Andrew Marciano Armstrong (1928 - 1982). His father, a truck driver and jazz musician, died of cancer in 1982. The song ‘Wake me Up When September Ends’ is a memorial to Billie’s father. When Armstrong played his first gig in 1987, his mother worked as a waitress at Rod’s Hickory Pit Restaurant in Cerrito.

Billie Joe Armstrong Siblings

Armstrong was blessed with 5 siblings, and he was the youngest of all. His siblings are - Marci, Alan, David, Hollie, and Anna.

Billie Joe Armstrong Girlfriend

Armstrong had a girlfriend named Amanda in her life. He discussed her while discussing the story and reason of the song ‘SHE.’ Armstrong has written many songs about her, during their relationship, and afterward. Have a glance at some of them-
  • Amanda
  • She’s a Rebel
  • Extraordinary Girl

Billie Joe Armstrong Discography

Here is a list of Armstrong’s discographies performed himself for you.
  • 2003 - Riding in Van with Boys
  • 2012 - One Nine Nine Four
  • 2012 - This Is 40
  • 2014 - Like Sunday, Like Rain
  • Television
  • 2012 - The Voice
In 2021, Billie Joe Armstrong has a Net Worth of $60 Million.
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