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Anna Faris Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Husband, Kids And Boyfriend

How much is Anna Faris net worth? Born in Baltimore, Maryland Anna Faris is an American actress, producer, podcaster, and author.

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Born in Baltimore, Maryland Anna Faris is an American actress, producer, podcaster, and author. Her most notable role is in scary movie series. Her comic roles and ability to perform comedy is widely appreciated. So far in her career, she acted in many movies and it is said that Anna Faris's net worthis of mammoth 30 million US dollars.
  • She celebrates her birth on the 29th of November every year.
  • She is 44 years old.
  • She is 1.65 m tall and weighs around 54 Kg.
  • Her full name is Anna Kay Faris and has the nickname, Anna.
  • She believes in Christianity.
  • She took birth in Baltimore, Maryland.
  • She currently resides in Pacific Palisades, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California.
  • She is an American citizen, and her nationality is also An American.

Anna Faris Early Life

She is born on 29th November 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland, the US in a middle class educated family. She spent her early childhood in Baltimore, and when she was six years old, her family moved to Edmonds Washington. She began pursuing drama at the age of 6. She had been a student of Edmond Wood way High school and completed her schooling in 1994. Later she got enrolled at the University of Washington. She completed her graduation in English Literature in 1999. During her early twenties, she wanted to publish a book she never knew what destiny would unfold in the future.

Anna Faris Career

She first performed in a professional setting when she was only nine. The name of the play was Danger: Memory! Her most applauded role came in 2000 when she was 24 years old. It was in Scary Movie, and the movie became an instant hit. Her acting was applauded, and she received two nominations. Her next major performance came in 2001, the Scary movie 2. Her next role in a movie called May proved her maturity as an actor. The movie was a reflection of American society and got critical acclaim. In the later part of her strongly going career, she focused on mature roles with comedy performances.

Jimmy Kimmel Reads Anna Faris’ Childhood Diary

Anna Faris Husband

She met and started dating Ben Indra (An American Actor) in 1999 and got married in 2004. Love turned sour, and she filed for divorce in 2007 with a financial burden of 9 million dollars. Indra has a net worth of 3 million dollars. Then she met, dated, and married Chris Patt (An American actor). In 2012 the couple welcomed their son Jack into this world. But things started going wrong again, and in 2017 the couple announced their separation. Chris is quite rich and has a net worth of close to 60 million dollars. Currently, she is dating her partner Michael Barret.

Anna Faris Kids

She has one son with his ex-husband, Chris Pratt. He was born in 2012 in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. He was a premature baby and had to be put in intensive care.

Anna Faris Parents

Her father Jack Faris was a sociology professor and her mother Karen Faris was a special education teacher in a school. They belonged to Seattle, Washington. During her birth, her father was a professor at Towson University.

Anna Faris Siblings

She has one elder brother. His name is Robert Faris. He is a professor of sociology at the University of California, Davis.

Anna Faris Boyfriends

She currently has a boyfriend. She calls him her partner. His name is Michael Barret. He is a cinematographer.

Awards And Nominations

She won her first award for her performance in May 2004. Then she conferred with Stonette of the year in 2007 for Smiley Face. Her most notable award came in 2012 when she won the start of the year award for The Dictator.
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