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Andre 3000 Net Worth In 2022 - Birthday, Age, Relationship And Kids

How much is Andre 3000's net worth? Andre Lauren Benjamin who we have better known as Andre 3000 is one of the renowned rapper.

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Andre Lauren Benjamin who we have better known as Andre 3000 is one of the renowned rappersin the American music industry. He is a multi-talented performer and has a long career in singing and songwriting. He is also a versatile actor, a producer who has turned philanthropist. He has had a great partnership with Big Boi and Outkast remains his best work to date. He has been successful in amassing wealth in the course of his career.
He is born on 27th May 1975; he is 1.78 meters tall and weighs around 72 Kg. His actual name is Andre Lauren Benjamin but we know him as Andre 3000. He is born in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an American citizen and an American national. He follows Christianity and now he has moved to New York City.
As of 2021, Andre 3000's net worthis estimated at $45 million.

Andre 3000 Early Life

He is born on 27th May 1975 in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. He has spent his formative years in East point and Buck head in Georgia. He has attended many schools during his childhood. He has been a student of Sarah Smith Elementary school, Northside high school, Sutton middle school, and Tri-cities high school.

Andre 3000 Music Career

He has a long career spanning over 28 years. He had been an integral part of Outkast from 1992 to 2007. He started performing at the early age of 17. He tasted the sweetness of success in 1994 when Players Ball became highly successful. He started performing solo in 2007 and appeared in many albums.

Class of 3000 (BTS Interview 2005)

Andre 3000 Acting Career

His acting career started in 2004. He appeared in Families and The shield. He also had numerous movies like Semi-Pro, Four Brothers, Revolver, etc under his belly. In many movies particularly cartoon movies he featured with his influential voice. His commendable career is still going strong.

Andre 3000 Wife / Partner

He is still single and he never married. Though he has had affairs in past. He was in a romantic affair with renowned singer Erykah Badu. The couple had been a partner of each other since 1995. And they got separated in 1999. Amidst those years spent with love, the couple gave birth to their only child, a baby boy Seven Sirius Benjamin, born on 18 November 1997. Even her partner also has a successful career and her net worth in 2021 is about 10 million dollars.

Andre 3000 Kids

He is a proud father of only a single child, a baby boy. His name is Seven Sirius Benjamin and he is born on 18th November 1997. He still has a great relationship with both parents.

Andre 3000 Parents

His father's name is Lawrence Harvey Walker and he was a collections agent. He went to his heavenly abode in 2014. Sharon Benjamin Hodo is his mother who was a real estate agent. She was a single mother, as both the parents separated in his childhood.

Andre 3000 Sibling

He is the only child of his mother. Therefore he does not have any siblings.

Andre 3000 Discography

He has been a part of several successful albums. But despite this success, he never released any solo Album the only one being “The love below”.
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