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Celebrity Wins: A Look At High Rollers Who Have Won Big At Casinos

If you're a fan of casinos and gambling, you may have heard of some of the biggest celebrity wins over the years. These stars have hit the jackpot while playing various games at casinos worldwide and won considerable sums of money.

Author:Alex Mercer
Reviewer:Nathanial Blackwood
Mar 16, 202360 Shares803 Views
If you're a fan of casinos and gambling, you may have heard of some of the biggest celebrity wins over the years. These stars have hit the jackpot while playing various games at casinos worldwide and won considerable sums of money.
Many casinos, both online and offline, will have betting limits and maximum payout rules for specific games, something that you can find out about in the casino faqsection. But, for high rollers, including celebrities, the rules can be different. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some celebrity wins and discuss the games they played and the amounts they won.
Some won big, like Ben Affleck, and others, like Charlie Sheen & George Clooney, have enjoyed mixed fortunes. Bruce Willis lucked out at craps, and Don Johnson cleaned up. These are just a few high rollers who have won big at casinos. These stars are known for their acting, directing, producing, and other talents, but they've also dabbled in gambling and come out on top. From blackjack to craps to slot machines, these celebritieshave tried their luck at various games and have achieved impressive winnings.
Who Won What, Where & When?
For some celebrities, hitting the jackpot at a casino can be just another day in a life of fame and fortune. While not all stars are known for their gambling habits, some have won big at various casinos worldwide. Here is a look at some of the wildest celebrity wins.

Ben Affleck's $800,000 Blackjack Win

In 2001, Ben Affleck was on a winning streak while playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. The actor and filmmaker won an impressive $800,000 over a series of hands and reportedly left a generous $150,000 tip for his dealer. While Affleck is known for his acting, directing, and producing skills, he is also an avid poker player and has participated in various high-stakes games over the years.

Charlie Sheen's $200,000 Blackjack Win

Charlie Sheen is another celebritywho has tried his luck at the blackjack table. In 2011, the actor and comedian won $200,000 while playing at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Sheen is known for his roles in hit shows like "Two and a Half Men" and "Anger Management," and has also been a controversial figure in Hollywood due to his personal life and public battles with addiction.

Don Johnson (Not the Actor) Won $15M in Atlantic City in 2011

Who hasn't dreamed of winning big at a casino? It's a fantasy that many people have, but for some, it becomes a reality. One such person is Don Johnson, who went on an incredible winning streak in Atlantic City casinos back in 2011. Though not a household name, Johnson's story has been talked about in the gambling world for years. He is a renowned celebrity casino hustler, and the casinos don't like him any.
What's impressive about Johnson's story is that he won his fortune playing only blackjack. During his streak, he managed to win an astounding $15 million. Johnson played at three different casinos in Atlantic City: the Borgata Hotel, the Tropicana, and the Casino & Spa, and walked away with serious money from each of them. What's even more remarkable is that Johnson is not a professional gambler or a card counter. He simply played well and got incredibly lucky.
According to reports, Johnson was able to negotiate special rules with the casinos that gave him an edge in the game. For example, he negotiated rules such as the use of more decks of cards in the shoe and the dealers standing on a soft 17. These rules decreased the house edge and gave Johnson a better chance of winning. He was also able to negotiate favourable betting limits, which allowed him to bet large amounts of money on each hand.

Bruce Willis' $100,000 Craps Win

Bruce Willisis an actor who has starred in various hit movies over the years. However, in 2000, he won big while playing craps at the Las Vegas Four Queens Casino. Willis won $100,000 in a single roll of the dice and reportedly used his winnings to tip the dealers and servers at the casino. While Willis may be a well-known action star, he has tried his hand at various other ventures over the years, including singing and producing.

Ashley Revell's Roulette Bet

Although not a celebrity in the traditional sense, Ashley Revell became famous for selling all of his possessions and betting his entire life savings on a single spin of the roulette wheel at the Plaza Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. In 2004, Revell wagered $135,300 and bet it all on red. He won and walked away with $270,600. The event was documented on a television show, and Revell later used his winnings to start an online poker company.
While these celebritywins may seem impressive, it's important to remember that gambling can be addictive and can lead to financial and personal problems.
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